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  • 1. Nowadays, the demand for energy saving light bulbs is escalatingrapidly. The reason behind is the benefits that these light bulbsoffer. One major benefit is the energy saving, while the other beingsaving money. You must be wondering how money can be saved.Well, these LED bulbs are ideal for commercial as well asresidential use. Their lasting capacity is somewhere around 25thousand to 80 thousand hours. Owing to this high capacity, thesebulbs can efficiently work for years. Thus, you are spared of thefrequent bulb replacements and can save a lot of money.

2. LED Downlights find theirapplication in almostevery room of yourhouse. Be it your kitchen,living room, bedroom oreven the balcony or aporch; these lights can beeffectively used. The bestpart is these bulbs remaincool even after beingturned on for hours. So,even if you accidentlytouch them, your handwont get hurt. 3. The traditional lights consume loads ofpower. LED spotlights are aninnovative solution to this issue. Theyconsume only 1/5 of the total electricitythat is required by the traditionalspotlights. The flood lights find theirapplication in a variety of placesincluding parking lots, sides of thebuildings, outside homes, in garages, inwarehouses, etc.The extent of visibility offered by theLED flood lights is the same as thetraditional floodlight. But, they offerlong-term utilization and reducedreplacement costs. You can find high-powered floodlights for outdoor use totiny track-light floodlights. These arequite eco-friendly as well as cost-effective and hence veryadvantageous. 4. The LED technology has lead to a lot of innovations. The LED bulbs arequite a beneficial innovation. They are available in a variety of formats.These bulbs easily fit in the commercial environment as well as thetraditional fixtures. They have emerged as the most preferred alternativefor the incandescent lighting solutions. These bulbs take less energy tooperate and hence have become the most affordable and efficientoptions not only in homes but also in offices. It decreases your electricitybills adding to your profit, so the saved money can be used for a muchbetter purpose. 5. Astute Lighting LtdUnit-B2 Percliff WayOff Phillips Road, BlackburnLancashire, BB1 5PF01254 695914info@astutelighting.co.ukwww.astutelighting.co.uk