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    LED Binder Clip Bling

    1. Make your circuit.

    Slide 1 LED onto a 3V coin battery. The longer lead goes on the + side. No light? Flip the LED around.

    Cut a foam rectangle. Make it large enough to cover the battery when folded in half.

    Hold the battery, LED, and foam together with a binder clip.

    Test to make sure it works, then take it apart. Time to make it interesting.

    2. Decorate your circuit.

    Grab a foam sticker to bling your design or cut out a pattern with foam pieces

    Push your LED light through your creation. Slide the battery back in. You may need to bend the leads a little to get it into the binder clip or clip with scissors(just dont cut too short).

    Hold everything together with a binder clip. Add layers, add colors, and make it your own!

    3. Attach your bling.

    Use a piece of chenille stem to attach your bling to your hand, clothes, backpack, or anything you like! Or glue it to a pin or barrette for an easy to attach light-up wearable.

    Instructions made by Aaron Maurer @coffeechugbooks Adapted from The MAKE Lab (www.http://themakelab.wp.txstate.edu) by Shaunna Smith sfs36@txstate.edu