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  • Lecture 8 10/3/12: Views from Europe, the Far West & 1862 Strategy Europe & Its Relationship with the US Whats at stake?Trent Affair November December 1861War from the Far Western Perspective - Confederates in the far WestWar in Indian Country Cherokees Divided --Stand Watie / Chief John Ross How Native Americans Tried to Capitalize on Chaos of War -- Minnesota Sioux [1862]

    186162: The Importance of Water! to continue 1861 strategyUnion river victories in Western Thtr. [TN] The Tennessee & CumberlandForts Henry & Donelson [Febr.] Nashville, ShilohStriking Down the Mississippi Memphis [June]Coming Up the Mississippi New Orleans [April]

    Eastern Battle of the Ironclads in Eastern Thtr. Monitor Virginia [March 1862], Hampton Roads, VirginiaMcClellans Peninsular Campaign [May June 1862]

  • Napoleon IIILord PalmerstonQueen Victoria

  • James Mason [VA] Minister to Great BritainJohn Slidell[LA]Minister to FranceTrent Affair

  • Charles Francis AdamsUS diplomat to England

    One war at a time

  • Stand WatieChief John Ross The Civil War divided the Cherokee Nation

  • Union Plan in Action (in 1861):1) Gain Control of Mississippi River -- secure MO for confluence of big rivers there. 2) Blockade Coast build and commission ships for blockade duty, gain an early foothold on Atlantic coast, try to enforce an incomplete blockade and convince Europe of its importance Trent Affair.3)Protect Washington DC and border states early military activity in western VA (making West VA), MO, habeus corpus issues in MD.4) Take Richmond Battle of Manassas / Bull Run

  • Union Plan in Action (in 1862):1) Gain Control of Mississippi River Western River campaigns in Spring and Summer, capture key river cities Memphis, New Orleans!2) Blockade Coast Strengthen blockade squadron 3)Protect Washington DC and border states military engagements with the Confederates (Effective Stonewall Jackson) in the Shenandoah Valley4) Take Richmond Battle of the Ironclads, McClellans failed Peninsula Campaign

  • The conquest of TN by waterForts Henry & Donelson February 1862

  • Using Water in the East too!McClellans route to Richmond switch things up by sea, then land.

  • Monitor vs Virginia March 1862

  • Fort Monroe, VA:Tip of the lower Peninsula