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* Establishes a single system for applying for leave across your organisation. * Speeds up and streamlines your entire leave management process. * Substantially reduces the time you need to spend on holiday administration. * Eliminates the costly errors typically associated with manual holiday booking systems. * Accurately records and monitors all types of employee leave and absence, including holidays, training days and sick days. * Enables you to produce reports highlighting absenteeism patterns and trends. * Automatically calculates the ongoing Bradford Factor score for every employee. * Can be accessed by employees wherever they are, any time or day of the week. * Integrates easily with your Outlook calendar. * Integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Windows Active Directory. * Simple to set up, requires minimal user training and fully IT supported.


  • 1. LeaveMasterPowerful Leave Management System from Systems Valley
    Systems Valley Ltd, The Innovation Centre, College Lane, Hatfield. AL10 9AB
    Tel: 08452 579 530, Fax: 08452 579 538
    Email: sales@systemsvalley.com, Web: www.systemsvalley.com
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    • About Systems Valley
    • 3. Introduction to LeaveMaster
    • 4. Main features
    • 5. Demo
    • 6. Integration with other technologies
    • 7. Future development plan


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