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Learning Photography through ExperienceNo one learns photography by sitting inside a classroom, listening to someone talk endlessly. Photography is a skill best learned through practice and hands-on experience. If you want to learn how to capture stunning picturespictures capable of evoking emotions, you need to go out there and seize moments through the lens of your camera.But every serious photographer knows that taking pictures is more than just hitting the shutter button. Although there are no real rules in photography, there are guidelines worth learning. One you get these guidelines down, its time to apply that knowledge and see how it translates to your photos.One of the best ways to put that knowledge to a test is to join photography travel tours. Think about it. Youll be somewhere full of picture-perfect opportunities and youll have a professional guiding you, teaching you techniques youll never learn from reading.Joining photography workshops Italy is a great way to hone your skills. Italy is practically a photographers haven. This countrys beauty is painted by romance, rich culture, and heritage that have been passed down from ancient times. Almost every corner of this country is snapshot-worthy.Imagine Romethe Coliseum, Sistine Chapel, the Spanish Steps and many more. How about Tuscany? Picture out the Leaning Tower of Pisa, lovely piazzas, and impressive museums. There is also Venice. See yourself languidly cruising through canals, pointing-and-shooting at the beautiful sights youre passing by. That would truly be a pleasurable learning experience, wouldnt it?Once youve decided to join a tour, keep these three factors in mind to make sure your photography workshop would surely be rewarding:Expectations. Photography tours are not all alike. So know what the tour has entailed for you. Find out what are the possible activities and exercises youll be facing. Also, ask yourself what you want to learn from the workshop and evaluate whether the tour youve chosen can deliver it. That way, youll be more prepared and ready for the trip.Group size. The more intimate, the better. The fewer you are in a group, the more time the photography expert can dedicate to each of you. It would be less intimidating, too, especially for photographers who are just starting out.Equipment. Of course, youll be bringing your camera; but what else do you need? Do you need to bring a tripod? What kind of lenses should you pack with you? If possible, ask for a checklist beforehand.http://photographytraveltours.com