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<ol><li> 1. ExpertADVICE ON HOW TO CREATEMARKETING PEOPLE LoveIts Valentines Day, and love is in the aircards, roses, chocolates. So its theperfect time to highlight thought leaders and their advice on creatingmarketing people love. From poets and analysts, to authors and agencies,weve rolled out the red carpet for some very important people in the worldof marketing, and wanted to share that marketing love with you. </li><li> 2. You have to know the people you want to reach in order to make content thatthey will love. This isnt just about profiles of who they are, but you have toknow in your soul exactly the type of people they are.Then youll create content that isnt all about pitching or landing the sale. Itwill share more about your company or solve a problem that they have.Theyll begin to connect with you and then all the other great content youhave that does include the hard sell will come into play and help convertthem into a customer.Start with the soul and end with the sale. Not the other way around.C.C. Chapman@CC_ChapmanFounder of The Cleon Foundation andAuthor of Amazing Things Will Happen tweet this </li><li> 3. If you sell something, you make a customer today. If you help someone,you may create a customer for life. The key to success - the key tomarketing that people LOVE - is to stop being a salesman, and startbecoming a Youtility.Youtility is marketing so useful people actually want it. If you do that - ifyou make your marketing inherently, truly, astoundingly useful - yourcustomers will do your marketing for you. Its a paradox, but youll sellmore by selling less. Jay Baer, ConvinceandConvert.com, @jaybaer tweet this </li><li> 4. Its h ard not to h atesomeone who constantl yinterrupts you with irrelevantmessages, assuming theyalwa ys deserve yourundivided attention.Its easy to fall in love withsomeone who always saysthe right thing, in the rightway, at the right time, in theright place.Which are you going for? Des Traynor,{COO, Intercom @destraynor} tweet this </li><li> 5. If marketing is what gets people through the door, thenyou better make sure they like what they see when theycome inside. Lovable marketing offers a promise anddelivers on that promise in a way that leaves a lastingimpression. From compelling images on advertisementsto witty social media messages to the overall customerexperience, your marketing shares your brands spirit.The best marketing feels like it speaks directly to me. Somuch so, it compels me to answer. Sarah EvansChief Evangelist, Tracky@PRsarahevans tweet this </li><li> 6. I love being marketed to said no one, ever. But people dolove art, music, bacon, and a good story, so pretend yourenot marketing and just give people those things, and trustthat theyre smart enough to figure out who gave it to them.Jesse Thomas CEO &amp; Founder, JESS3 @jess3, jess3.com tweet this </li><li> 7. Creating marketing people love starts with knowing yourcustomers and a passion for your product. Throwing aroundcool ideas and brainstorming the next big marketingcampaign can be exciting, but the desire to solve thecustomers problems and energy from knowing you have thesolution will be a beacon. While much goes into successfulmarketing, if you dont show love and passion through youractions, you wont see much love come your way. Sam MelnickResearch Analyst, IDC @SamMelnick tweet this </li><li> 8. Solve problems or shareresources, dont shill. Whatmarketing content will yourcustomers THANK you for?Ann Handley Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs @MarketingProfs tweet this </li><li> 9. The most successful love affairs between brands and customersare either driven by the utility, elegance, and superiority of theproduct (think: Apple) or by a combination of the product and theutility, intelligence, and creativity of the marketing. For the latter,you must have a commitment to bringing wit, beauty, timeliness,and knowledge to every piece of content and text you share. And itmust be as devoid of your branding and product messages aspossible. As with any relationship, the market favors those whogive more value than they ask for in return. Leslie Bradshaw COO of Guide (former COO&amp; Co-founder of JESS3)@lesliebradshawtweet this </li><li> 10. [The marketing we love the best is thechance to imagine becoming our best ]selves. Give us something to dream about. Seth Godin, Author, Blogger @thisissethsblog sethgodin.comtweet this </li><li> 11. Fall madly in love with yourself.Wake up every day determined tobecome a better you. And rememberthat people dont fall in love withhex colors and logos -- they fall inlove with people.Be in love with you -- the peoplewho love you will soon follow. Erika Napoletano Author &amp; Brand Strategist @RedheadWriting tweet this </li><li> 12. Making marketing that people love is simple.You have to love it first. Be honest: of the lastX campaigns youve sent out or worked on,how many did you actually LOVE? Howmany did you excitedly tell your friends orspouse or kids about at the dinner table?The answer is probably few to none. Youveshipped campaigns because you had to hita target date or an event or you had to beefup your lead gen numbers, but youveprobably not loved them. You may haveliked them, you may have thought they werecute or fun, but you probably didnt lovethem. If you are truly in love with somethingChris Pennyouve worked on, it will be reflected in theVP MarketingTechnologies, final product. If you dont love it, theres noSHIFT Communicationsreason for anyone else to either.@CSPenn tweet this </li><li> 13. People typically take this task too broadly, trying toreach too many people all at once. For marketers thatknow their audience and know their target persona, thebetter approach is to take a question you know youraudience is asking frequently and answer it from aposition of knowledge. Marketing that educates andinforms is always more persuasive in the end thanmarketing that boasts or sells too hard.David CarpenterPresident, Connection Model, a Platinum HubSpot Partner @davidcarpenter tweet this </li><li> 14. Great marketers are matchmakers. We find ways to get offerings people love in front of the people most likely to love them.April DunfordCo-founder of RocketScopeandblogger at RocketWatcher.@aprildunfordtweet this </li><li> 15. You must show your fans andfollowers that you genuinely careabout them. Content is king, butengagement is queen ... and sherules the house!Mari SmithFacebook Marketing Expert @marismith marismith.com tweet this </li><li> 16. There are two stages to every purchasedecision: emotional reaction, followedclosely by intellectual justification. Peopleare hardwired to feel first and think second.Inbound marketing combined with a guidedsales process is the ideal way to form animmediate emotional connectionwith your prospects, build trust with yourMike Liebermanbuyers and, ultimately, generate the leadsChief Marketing Scientist and Co-Founder of Square 2 Marketing,and revenue you need to growyourA Platinum HubSpot Partnerbusiness.tweet this </li><li> 17. Effective marketing is now critical to B2Bmarketers success because usefulcontent accelerates potential buyersalong their journey; usefulnesspredicated upon content being availablePeter ONeilland compelling at all touchpoints in the Vice President andcustomer life cycle, from the awarenessPrincipal Analyst, Forrester Researchphase to what Forrester calls customer@poneillforrretention and expansion.tweet this </li><li> 18. Dont try to reach everyone. Focus on the dreams and desires of your top 1,000 customers. Pay them special attention and they will return the favor.Julia RoyCo-founder,WorkHacks@juliaroytweet this </li><li> 19. At the end of the day, people makeemotional buying decisions --sometimes even ousting price orconvenience. If your marketingconnects with them emotionally, theyare going to remember it, share it andbuy it. Figuratively, and literally.Christine PerkettPresident &amp; Founder,PerkettPR@MissusP tweet this </li><li> 20. John JantschYour business is theperfect tool to develop a Duct Tape Marketingcapacity for things like @DuctTapepurpose, love, wonder,courage, and grace. Ilove what I do, but I getpaid for what I finish. tweet this </li><li> 21. Marketing gets easier -- and more effective -- whenyou realize its just communication. Its everythingyou say to customers, and its also everything you do.Focus on what your words and actions arecommunicating -- your content, your site, yoursupport team -- and youll find that your relationshipswith your customers start to "magically" get better.And thats when you see the loyalty, social sharing,and referral business that create vibrant health foryour business. Sonia SimoneCMO and co-founder of Copyblogger Media@copybloggertweet this </li><li> 22. Marketing is the truth of you, translatedinto the language of them ... Colleen WainwrightExpress yourself with love and no fear and you willThe Communicatrixfind yourself surrounded by the best the world has to@Communicatrixoffer. Them. Your them. Drawn to you for what theyneed and not what you are trying to make them want.tweet this </li><li> 23. Aaron Strout Head of Location Based Marketing, WCG @aaronstroutMarketing that people love isnt a difficult concept. Its all about acompanys value exchange with its customers (content, experiences,value, discounts). If you are doing it right, you will never have to sell toanother customer again.tweet this </li><li> 24. Tell a story. Make it true. Make itcompelling. And make it relevant.Rand FishkinCEO and Founder, SEOmoz.@randsh tweet this </li><li> 25. If you sell like youre selling, people wontwant to buy. But if you help the people youlove to serve, youll never starve.Chris Brogan, CEO &amp; PresidentHuman Business Works @chrisbrogantweet this </li><li> 26. Your relationship with a customer isonly as good as your last interactionwith them. So make sure it doesntbecome your last interaction withthem...Think before you interact.Better yet, think of them before you do. Brent Leary Co-founder and Partner of CRM Essentials, LLC. @BrentLeary tweet this </li><li> 27. To stand out from the noise youhave to be passionate about yourcustomer, create with purpose,invite people into your brand,and lean into the possibilities.Build movements, not campaigns!Ekaterina WalterSocial Marketer at Intel and anauthor of Think Like Zuck@Ekaterinatweet this </li><li> 28. When it comes to building digital marketing people love for the Celtics, we speak to our fans passion for our brand and look to strike an authentic chord. "#IAMACELTIC" elicits emotional responses because its so inclusive and powerful. Our coach and players all talk about what it means to be a Celtic, and our fans have embraced the concept as well. Its short, sweet, and easy to remember, and it imbues pride in our fans that theyre a part of something much bigger than just a basketball team when they tweet that hashtag. Great marketing makes your customers and fans feel like part of something exceptional.Peter StringerSenior Director ofInteractive Media,Boston Celtics@peterstringertweet this </li><li> 29. Looking for love from your customers? Dontbe afraid to spice up your content (andyour marketing) by showing some passion,personality, and purpose. Shawn Graham Small Business Marketing Consultant @shawngrahamtweet this </li><li> 30. Most marketing reminds me of your typical cheap one-night standthey say they love you, but they really just want to sleep with you &amp; move on. Theres definitely an audience for that, but its not a sustainable one. Its exhausting. The cost of acquisition is high, and the churn rate is even higher. The brands that win are the ones that dont waste time on the one- nighter, but actively invest in the long-term. They know that real value MartaKagan is in loyalty over the long haul, andCEO Stunt Double that the one, essential ingredient to@mzkagan enduring loyalty is love. tweet this</li></ol>