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<ol><li> 1. When I was child the teacher stood out front and taught the whole class the same material in the same way. Everyone was expected to do the same tasks, some passed others failed and were labelled ever after. The focus was on teaching, not on learning. . </li><li> 2. Time passed and it turned out that everyone didnt learn in the same way after all. The teacher realised that learners have different needs, interests and abilities. Differentiated instruction was invented. </li><li> 3. Education has changed and needs to if each of us learn in different ways. </li><li> 4. Extracts from student induction and diagnostic presentation. </li><li> 5. ByLindaBuckmaster </li><li> 6. Diagnostic assessment What's the point? </li><li> 7. Do you think English and maths classes are unnecessary? </li><li> 8. Did you achieve your predicted grades? Are you on your preferred course? Did you achieve your grades for university? </li><li> 9. You now have the opportunity to improve your English and maths grades. </li><li> 10. score mid-entry level three; you will be working towards level one Equivalent to GCSE Grade D Score mid-level one; you will be working towards level two equivalent to GCSE Grade C So lets get to the point: </li><li> 11. You have already completed Part I Part II shows us what you can do and what you need to improve From this score your target will be set for the year </li><li> 12. Individual diagnostic assessment report This shows your attained level Your spiky profile across all levels This shows your skills demonstrated and not demonstrated </li><li> 13. Interactive individualised tasks can be accessed online. You can access this at home too (LOL)! </li><li> 14. Generic targets: Complete three e-development skills by 12 December 2015. We use these results for Target setting </li><li> 15. Gather information about your students by: written, drawn or spoken presentations explore student choices leading class in different ways One to one sessions Follow up student reflections </li><li> 16. After six weeks you will know how to move forward and know what needs to be taught but the method must be determined by the students. </li><li> 17. give the students ownership of learning dont be the boss encourage students to think about how they learn best students decide how to demonstrate their learning. </li><li> 18. Encourage learners to follow their interests Make their learning relevant Connect with their passions Showcase work and achievement </li><li> 19. Record student thinking and track development Create meaningful assessment tasks that allow transfer of learning to other contexts. Think of everything as an assessment. </li><li> 20. http://www.flipsnack.com/5F78FFAD75E/fznq7f8n http://www.flipsnack.com/AAEEFFAD75E/fzjszeq5 Portfolios, blogs, or Flip books are great for showcasing your students work and achievements. </li><li> 21. Link together the DA to the Self assessment and tracking. Next examples of self assessment student training on self assessment </li><li> 22. What areas of English do you need to improve? </li><li> 23. iTrackR September Initial Assessment Level September Diagnostic Assessment Level October Set Target &amp; Controlled Assessment 1:1 SAL October English Set Level November feedback comments November Consolidate December feedback comments December Controlled Assessment SAL January feedback comments E3 Low Entry 2 Achieved 1:1 speaking and listening E3 referred to learning support for dyslexia assessment Pass learner has feels he has improved and now working on silver level Pass learner has missed several session due to illness, taken home extra work to catch up During or after your 1:1 feedback you will update your iTrackR with your achievement(s) and/or feedback comments </li><li> 24. Collaboration </li><li> 25. Example Peer Assessment Look back through the writing. Write a list of all the things you thought your partner did really well. Include things linked to the objectives, but also include things that were not. Write a list of everything s/he did right. Give examples. </li><li> 26. Student Mini project: What makes a good teacher </li><li> 27. Text it Later is a free way to send text messages in the future. Task: Go forward in time... Text what you hope to achieve within the next six weeks. </li><li> 28. FEEDBACK TEACHER FEEDBACK AND STUDENT QUESTIONNAIRES </li><li> 29. THREE MINUTE REFLECTION PAPER </li><li> 30. Self assessment iTrackR sheets to follow This was used for in-house CPD the movie has been cut down - segments will follow over the next few weeks By Linda Buckmaster @ Class Act II Copyright free music by bensound.com </li></ol>