"Learning from the past, Planning for the future"


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<p>Learning from the past, planning for the future</p> <p>Learning from the past, Planning for the futureEmpowering Next Generations of Women and Girls</p> <p>Anthropology yields a long term view on gender inequality and womens movements</p> <p>Images of Hammurabis code</p> <p>There are Examples of societies where women have or had substantial power</p> <p>Some Statistics indicating gendercide or female infanticide</p> <p>The Long List of major Challenges part 1--Extreme Poverty: girls and women = 70% of persons living in extreme poverty --Multiple Forms of Violence including trafficking, sexual exploitation, infanticide, battering, FGM, honor killings--Lack of or restricted access to reproductive health and other health concerns --Environmental Degradation, Dangerous Climate Change, Food Security, access to potable water, food and fuel</p> <p>Challenges for girls and women, slide 2 Conflict, War and Terrorism (including proliferation of WMD by terrorists and rogue states); refugees, Internally Displaced Persons --Financing for implementation of existing laws and policies supporting equality for women and girls--Sharing of responsibilities for home and family including meal preparation, childrearing, cleaning, caring for elderly and sick relatives--Increased participation of women in government and senior management positions to develop and mainstream gender sensitive policies</p> <p>Gender diversity terms and conceptsGender identity: how we feel on the inside.Gender expression: how we present our gender to the world through hairstyle, clothing and behaviors.Cisgender: biology and identity matchTransgender: </p> <p>Sex diversity factsIntersex: refers to individuals with ambiguous sex characteristcs who are born with or who develop them later in life: btwn 1.7-4% of the worlds population are born with intersex traits expressed via chromosomes (XXX, XXY, etc) anatomy and hormonal variation.http://www.who.int/genomics/gender/en/index1.html</p> <p>Gender and Sex culturally constructed</p> <p>Examples of Feminist theoretical/disciplinary and activist orientationsFeminist Anthropology/archaeologyFeminist Critical literary theoryEco-feminismFeminist PsychologyFeminist HERstoryThird World feminismsWomanismBlack feminist theory</p> <p>Feminist History of scienceLegal studies/International Human rightsQueer theoryIntersectionality Feminist LinguisticsWomen in Development (WID) Women and Development (WAD) </p> <p>More examples of feminist disciplinary and activist perspectivesGender and Development (GAD)Liberal, Socialist and Radical FeminismsParticipatory Action ResearchIntersubjectivity Collaborative self-reflexivity</p>


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