"learning from the past, planning for the future"


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Learning from the past, planning for the future

Learning from the past, Planning for the futureEmpowering Next Generations of Women and Girls

Anthropology yields a long term view on gender inequality and womens movements

Images of Hammurabis code

There are Examples of societies where women have or had substantial power

Some Statistics indicating gendercide or female infanticide

The Long List of major Challenges part 1--Extreme Poverty: girls and women = 70% of persons living in extreme poverty --Multiple Forms of Violence including trafficking, sexual exploitation, infanticide, battering, FGM, honor killings--Lack of or restricted access to reproductive health and other health concerns --Environmental Degradation, Dangerous Climate Change, Food Security, access to potable water, food and fuel

Challenges for girls and women, slide 2 Conflict, War and Terrorism (including proliferation of WMD by terrorists and rogue states); refugees, Internally Displaced Persons --Financing for implementation of existing laws and policies supporting equality for women and girls--Sharing of responsibilities for home and family including meal preparation, childrearing, cleaning, caring for elderly and sick relatives--Increased participation of women in government and senior management positions to develop and mainstream gender sensitive policies

Gender diversity terms and conceptsGender identity: how we feel on the inside.Gender expression: how we present our gender to the world through hairstyle, clothing and behaviors.Cisgender: biology and identity matchTransgender:

Sex diversity factsIntersex: refers to individuals with ambiguous sex characteristcs who are born with or who develop them later in life: btwn 1.7-4% of the worlds population are born with intersex traits expressed via chromosomes (XXX, XXY, etc) anatomy and hormonal variation.http://www.who.int/genomics/gender/en/index1.html

Gender and Sex culturally constructed

Examples of Feminist theoretical/disciplinary and activist orientationsFeminist Anthropology/archaeologyFeminist Critical literary theoryEco-feminismFeminist PsychologyFeminist HERstoryThird World feminismsWomanismBlack feminist theory

Feminist History of scienceLegal studies/International Human rightsQueer theoryIntersectionality Feminist LinguisticsWomen in Development (WID) Women and Development (WAD)

More examples of feminist disciplinary and activist perspectivesGender and Development (GAD)Liberal, Socialist and Radical FeminismsParticipatory Action ResearchIntersubjectivity Collaborative self-reflexivity


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