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  • Learning-Centered, Learner-Centered, Teacher-Centered... What's the Difference?

    From the Back Porch

    by Jane Vella

    The Moment Of Recognition

    Whats New?!

    A Message from Paula Berardinelli, GLPs New Chief Operating Officer

    GLP Welcomes New Certified Practitioner & Teachers

    Speaking of Dialogue the Dialogue Education blog has launched!

    Study: Using Learner-centered Education to Improve Fruit and Vegetable Intake in California WIC Participants

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    View the remaining 2010 Public Course Schedule

    In this issue Book review: The Miracle of Dialogue by Paul D. Nitz

    Sample Design: Multiple Intelligences by Roxana and Ylad Popescu

    a reflection by Joye Norris

    Dialogue Events: How Dialogue Education Can Transform Star-Centered into Participant-Centered Celebrations ~ by Joan Dempsey

    Finding the Sweet Spot: Creating Learning-Centered Workshops ~ by Dwayne Hodgson

    Mourning The Death of the Professor ~ by Thoko Madonko

    Bringing the Sacred into Learning ~ by Marshall Yoder and Jeanette Romkema

    A Tapestry of Approaches ~ by Casey Boyle Eldridge

    Labeling the Learning ~ by Rev. Paul D. Nitz

    Learning to Listen A Skill for Life ~ by Daniel F. Sharaiha

    Whats in the Spotlight? ~ by Michael Culliton

    The Importance of Language and Culture Learning ~ by Debbie Witherow

    How Words Become Action ~ by Jeanmaire Hryshko

    Reflections on Teaching and Learning ~ by Jennifer Giezendanner


  • Voices in Dialogue Summer 2010 Issue 17 page 2

    Revolutionize Your Learning! Transform Your World. Global Learning Partners, Inc. 888.432.2763 www.globalearning.com

    Whats New?

    Please join us in welcoming Paula Berardinelli, our new Chief of Operations!

    In collaboration with our seven partners and our staff, Paula will provide vision, leadership

    and management to move Global Learning Partners, Inc. to the next phase of development.

    Paula is a long-time friend of GLP and practitioner of Dialogue Education, having studied

    with Jane Vella in the early 1990s and co-authored How Do They Know They Know? with

    Jane and Jim Burrow. Her extensive experience in business management is impressive. We

    are excited that she is with us as we begin this new era of GLPs progress.

    Welcome, Paula!

    Karen Ridout, Chair, Board of Directors On behalf of the Partners and Staff of GLP

    Greetings! It is an honor and a privilege for me to join the Global Learning Partners team on July 1st as the Chief of Operations. My background represents a tapestry woven with threads from Dialogue Education, consulting, training, new business creation, software development, and teaching with technology. As the COO, I am responsible for creating and ensuring that you, our colleagues, customers, clients, and advisors have a seamless and delightful experience engaging the

    expertise, services, and resources of Global Learning Partners. I welcome your partnership and collaboration!

    Virtually yours,

    Paula Berardinelli, Ed. D. Chief of Operations paula@globalearningpartners.com

    GLP also welcomes New Certified Dialogue Education Teachers (CDETs) Clayton Rowe

    and Rika VanderLaan, and Certified Dialogue Education Practitioner J. Mark Bowers. Watch

    for their bios and complete contact information to be added to our web site in the very near

    future: www.globalearning.com/team.htm.


  • Voices in Dialogue Summer 2010 Issue 17 page 3

    Revolutionize Your Learning! Transform Your World. Global Learning Partners, Inc. 888.432.2763 www.globalearning.com

    We hope youve already had a chance to check out the newest addition to our repertoire of Dialogue

    Education tools and resources Speaking of Dialogue, the Dialogue Education blog. Were just

    getting started, but will be adding new content and resources on a weekly basis. We hope youre

    finding the articles thought-provoking and that youll find inspiration in the real-life examples, sample

    designs, free tools and resources, and with your participation, stimulating discussion among


    The blog currently features three authors: Darlene Goetzman, Certified Dialogue Education Teacher

    and GLP Partner; Joan Dempsey, GLP Programs Manager, and Jane Vella, GLP founder and Partner

    Emeritus. Watch for additional authors and guest contributors to post from time to time as well.

    If you havent checked it out yet, please visit soon! Dont forget to subscribe via email or RSS so you

    dont miss anything. And be sure to contribute your feedback and experiences using the comment link

    at the end of each article - join the dialogue!

    More Ways to Connect

    More Resources Dialogue Education Tips & Tools - a monthly e-publication that addresses a different topic (or

    challenge) in each issue, and offers a variety of links, tools and other resources for Dialogue Education practitioners. View past issues. Subscribe.

    Quotes & Questions a weekly e-publication designed to Inspire, Provoke and Support, by encouraging reflection on issues related to teaching and learning. Combining a single quotation


  • Voices in Dialogue Summer 2010 Issue 17 page 4

    Revolutionize Your Learning! Transform Your World. Global Learning Partners, Inc. 888.432.2763 www.globalearning.com

    or question with beautiful nature photography, this resource can also be downloaded in postcard format. Or, as one reader suggests:

    Maryann K. Miernicki, RD, CLE Nutrition Education Coordinator American Red Cross WIC Program

    If youre not already receiving Dialogue Education Tips & Tools, or Quotes & Questions, why not take a

    moment to check them out?

    Interesting Links 1. Teacher-centered vs. Learner-centered paradigms -


    2. Teacher vs. Learner-Centered Instruction -


    3. The Learning-Centered Classroom: An Overview -


    4. Creating a Syllabus for the Learner-Centered Classroom -



    5. A list of resources, mostly by Phyllis Blumberg, on Learner-Centered Teaching -


    6. Learner Centered Course Goals -


    I dont have a favorite quote to share but I did want to say that I LOVE receiving these

    Quotes and Questions. Every time I get a new one, I make it my computer desktop

    background and I read the quote every morning when I start my computer. I think it

    is a great way to start the day and helps me keep dialogue education principles in

    mind in my work. Thank you so much for doing this.

    Have a great day! Maryann

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  • Voices in Dialogue Summer 2010 Issue 17 page 5

    Revolutionize Your Learning! Transform Your World. Global Learning Partners, Inc. 888.432.2763 www.globalearning.com

    Jane Vella, Global Learning Partners, Inc. jane@globalearning.com

    The Moment Of Recognition

    I am deeply moved by the book I am reading on my back porch - The Bridge: The Life and

    Rise of Barack Obama by David Remnick. When Barack Obama was campaigning in

    South Carolina in 2007 he heard a story about one of his young campaign workers in

    that state, Ashley Baia. She had reached a reluctant, older black man who came to a

    caucus. When the man was asked Why are you supporting Obama? he responded,

    Because of Ashley.

    Barack called this the moment of recognition. A young white campaign worker met and

    touched an old South Carolina retired gentleman. Thus, is history made.

    Who touched you in terms of how you teach and design learning? Whom would you

    name if someone asked: Why are you doing the hard work that is involved in Dialogue


    I would love to hea


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