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Timo Sorsa (Nokia Toijala Center, Finland): Learning by Doing - collaboration between schools and industry.Scientix European Conference, 6-8 May 2011, Brussels, Belgium


  • 1. Learning-by-Doing- Cooperation between schools and industryScientix Conference 2011,Session 5: Science & Industry and SchoolsBrussels8.5.2011Timo Sorsa,Head of Toijala Center,Nokia Corporation1 Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa

2. Outline Background Case example: Nokia Toijala Center School Internship Observed benefits2Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 3. The age pyramid is no longer apyramid (at least not in Finland)Also in EU the population of 18 year olds to decrease by 22 % from 1993 to 20203Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo SorsaSource: Statistics Finland 4. Interest in MST in declineDistribution of tertiary graduates by field of education (in %), EU27, 2000,2004 and 20084Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 5. The education pipe is broken5 Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa Source: Statistics Finland 6. Mismatch in demand and supplyYoung peoples interest in MST (Mathematics, Economic growth in science and technology)society is increasinglyin decline dependent on hightechnology industriesNumber of young peopledeclining altogetherScience and technology are in a leading role inStudents not graduating in facing the climate change timely manner6 Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 7. Case:Nokia Toijala Center 7 Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 8. Case:Nokia Toijala CenterNokia Student Innovation Center8 Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 9. Collaboration Deep collaboration between Pivl School of Mathematics,Valkeakoski Upper Secodary School and Nokia Corporation Joint activity founded in 1997 The students study upper secondary school curriculum anddo internship at Nokia in parallel About 40 students Students selected based on their mathematical and scienceability9 Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 10. Pivl School ofMathematics Boarding school for mathematically talented uppersecondary school students The students do their upper secondary school studies in 2years (instead of the usual 3 years) High emphasis on supporting students individually andallowing them to progress on their own level and speed E.g. Possibility to do university courses in mathematics and computer science10Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 11. Internship Studies are supported and deepened with internship at Nokia The trainees work at Nokia 12 h/week during the semesters About half of the students work full time during the summer Small scale, real world R&D (research and development) projects Projects are directed by company needs Students get to influence a lot on what topics they work on Project leaders (2-3) provide detailed technical and operationalguidance and support in projects Guidance from subject matter experts in other Nokia units Internship is integrated into students schedule Clear control over work-study balance11Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 12. Cornerstones that Toijala Centeractivities are build on INTERACTIONENGAGEMENT COMMUNITYFREEDOM12 Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 13. Win win winStudentsCompanySociety13 Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 14. Win win win Unique work experience Learning-by-doing Insight into working life to help to make the decisions about the futureStudents Networking Explore ones talent and passion Learning to take initiativeCompanySociety14 Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 15. Win win win Fresh thinking Opportunity to identify Studentstalent Project results(prototypes, IPR,publications, etc.) Get a feel for the younggeneration Giving back to the societyCompanySociety 15Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 16. Win win win One piece in building better match between education and industry needs Showcasing alternativeStudents approaches for arranging education Smoothening the transition gap from studies to working life Topical technology education Corporate involvement in financing educationCompanySociety16 Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa 17. THANK YOU! timo.sorsa@nokia.com17Company Confidential 2011 Nokia Timo Sorsa

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