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  • 1.Learn to Live Better Life! Collection by: R K Chhetri, MBS, MArajkpandey2000@yahoo.com rajkpandey2000@gmail.comrajkpandey2000@hotmail.comGPO BOX: 19862, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, NEPAL

2. The future belongs to thosewho believein the beauty of their dreams." 3. Enjoy life, this is not a rehearsal. 4. "Think highlyof yourself becausethe worldtakes youat your ownestimate." 5. Don't fear pressure for pressure is what turns rough stones into diamonds 6. Live each dayin the presentand make itbeautiful. 7. "Believe that your life is worth livingand your beliefs will help create the fact." 8. Wherever you go,take your whole heartalong. 9. "If you love life, life will love you back." ! 10. "Heal the past,live the present,dream the future." 11. "Don't countthe days make thedays count." 12. The keyto happiness is having dreams... The key to success ismaking dreamscome true. 13. The world is like a mirror if you face itsmiling,it smilesright back! 14. "Happiness is not having what you want.It's wanting what you have." 15. Learn to listen.Opportunity sometimes knocksvery softly. 16. "Life would beinfinitely happierif we could only be born at the age of eightyand graduallyapproacheighteen." 17. Good times,becomegood memories.Bad times,becomegoodlessons 18. It's not only the sceneryyou missby goingtoo fast.. 19. Succes is to get what you want , Luck is to keep what you get. 20. I lookto the futurebecausethat's whereI'm going to spendthe rest ofmy life. 21. "People arelonely becausethey build wallsinsteadof bridges."