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<p>LEARN HOW TO COOKHow to eat like a millennial on the go!1) How to make spaghetti:a) Having your boyfriend or girlfriend over for dinner and want to make a killer dish that is quick and easy? Try our millennial on the go spaghetti recipe steps and you will be top chef in their eyes.2) How to make the perfect cheese omelet:a) Omelets aren't just for the diners, learn to make your own perfect omelet at home. By using one secret ingredient your omelet will always have the perfect shape, and texture.3) How to make a grilled cheese sandwich without a frying pan:a) Still not a great cook? Dont own a frying pan? Dont worry, we will show you how to prepare a yummy cheesy grilled cheese sandwich with just a dorm microwave and toaster!4) How to make the perfect chef salad:a) Looking to be healthy and want to make that perfect chef salad in the comfort of your own home? We will show you have to chop up the best combination of vegetables for your salad and how to incorporate the perfect amount of deli meats.5) How to make your own yocrunch with plain vanilla yogurt. a) Name brand yogurts with toppings can not only get expensive but they can get fattening. We will show you step by step how to create your own using bulk materials that will not only last but taste better and be healthier for you.6) How to make a flawlessly cooked steak:a) Cooking steak is challenging, you want it to be cooked just right for how you or your guest would like it cooked. We will show how to use your hand to measure how your steak is cooked so it will turn out just perfect each time. 7) How to make deep fried food:a) What oil? What temperature? How long does it cook for? We have the ins and out's of how to deep fry. 8) How to make fresh guacamole: a) Warmer months means BBQs. Need a quick dish to bring that the whole party will enjoy? Guacamole has only a few easy steps but the end result is fresh dip for everyone to enjoy.9) How to make easy apple pie:a) Making a fresh apple pie does not need to be a daunting task. In just 5 easy steps we can show your how to make a really simple, yummy apple pie.10) How to make your own pizza:a) Pizza is one of the most popular food, but making your own with any topping you like is a fun activity for all and a great appetizer to serve at your next party. In just a couple steps you will be on your way to becoming an authentic pizza maker!</p>