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  • 1. Learn How to Build Your WebsiteIn this ever changing world, when things are going whacky and marketing strategies arechanging their definitions all time, it is very difficult to cling upon ones foothold in themarket. Treading through online channels is proving to be very useful these days becausepeople spend most of their time over internet than one any other media. Yes and when I amtalking about online media, it is crystal clear that for venturing in there, you need to have aninformative and attractive website that entices customers from across the boundaries. Youmight have gone through several websites while browsing for your own needs and havenoticed that your interest level must intriguing in some while others might be just passingyour vision within a fleet of seconds. Websites are reflections of your business and theyspeak a lot about you and your professionalism. Just building your own website is notenough; a website should be build to drive in more traffic and intrigue them to spend moretime browsing across several pages of your website. Today I am going to discuss how tobuild a website.First of all, since your website is meant to showcase your business products and services, ithas to be professional. Do not include pictures of flowers or teddies or pictures of that sortthat end up giving your website a cutesy feeling. Your website is not meant to attractchildren right? So, be professional in displaying your information. Choose pictures thatrelate to your information. While building your website include a blog so that people maycome across your vision and work culture. A page with detailed clientele list andtestimonials can draw huge interest from the visitors. But is that enough? Nah! What wouldhappen if your website doesnt get listed into search engine result pages? What if it has norecognition in social media network? This is where social media marketing and searchengine optimization pitches in.Building your own website is not enough, in fact, it requires a hell lot of drudgery to give ita good recognition in the cyber space. Your website should be search engine friendly so thatit gets crawled by search engine crawlers and get listed in SERPs. Since people now a daysinquire about products on search engine and social media so your website needs to have agood SEO work done and should have a good rapport across social media. Large fanfollowers and huge customer base in social networks results in driving considerable trafficto your website. Several discussion forums also play a good role on improvising websitesvisibility.So by now you must have got good notes on how to build website. Next time when youthink of building one, do remember these points as this may help you in sailing deep into themarket and attain higher footfalls.