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<ul><li><p>Be Famous as a SNL Cast Member! Learn How To Be </p><p>an Actor Through Comedy Gigs! </p><p>Are you a funny person? Do you enjoy making people laugh? Are you a huge Saturday Night Live fan like me? </p><p>Do you want to be famous ? Do you want to learn how to be an actor? Do you want to learn more about comedy </p><p>gigs and how to book them? Then you came to the right place! . </p><p>In this article, I will explain what you need to do to be famous and become a Saturday Night Live cast member. </p><p>SNL premiered on NBC on October 11, 1975, this show has launched small time comedians into superstars. Lets take a look at some familiar names: . </p></li><li><p> Dan Aykroyd </p><p> John Belushi </p><p> Chevy Chase </p><p> Jimmy Fallon </p><p> Will Ferrell </p><p> Tina Fey </p><p> Eddie Murphy </p><p> Bill Murray </p><p> Mike Myers </p><p> Adam Sandler </p><p> Jason Sudekis </p><p> Bill Hader </p><p> Kristen Wig </p><p> Andy Samberg </p><p> Chris Farley </p><p>SNL will not only help you launch your career as an actor , it will show how to be an actor. Many skits on SNL, </p><p>has been so popular, they have been made into movies. Here is a list of them: . </p><p> MacGruber </p><p> Hot Rod </p><p> The Blues Brothers </p><p> Waynes World Pat </p><p> A night at the roxbury </p><p> Superstar </p><p> The Ladies Man </p><p>If you want to be famous and learn how to be an actor through comedy gigs, then follow these 3 tips: . </p><p>1. Stay focused on your goals and dreams, work hard on booking comedy gigs. </p><p>2. Research past members, learn how to be an actor, through watching the greats. </p><p>3. If you want to be famous, then stay humble, and proud of your work. </p><p>Good luck! </p><p>http://showamerica.com/ </p></li></ul>