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Learn About the Fashion Design Industry FASHION Slide 2 Why I Like being a Dress Designer Slide 3 Why I Like being a Dress Designer How many Prom Dress designers are there? What salary did she say most dress designers make? What does she like about being a dress designer? Slide 4 CLOTHING AND IDENTITY Clothing and Identity Most teens have their own style of dressing. Clothing often communicates who a person is. The idea of change or newness is important to fashion. New fashions are unique, but fashion also represents commonly accepted ideals.Clothing and Identity Draw or photograph your favourite outfit. Describe it in detail, using descriptive words. Slide 5 CLOTHING AND IDENTITY Slide 6 HOW DOES FASHION SPREAD? How Does Fashion Spread? One theory about fashion says that fashion trickles down from those original few who adopt a trend early. Christian Dior is an example of a single designer who influenced what women wanted to wear.How Does Fashion Spread? Who influences your choice in fashion? Draw or collect photos of fashion trends that you like and some you dont like. Slide 7 HOW DOES FASHION SPREAD? Slide 8 BARBIE: POPULAR COLLECTIONS Why do you think Barbies have stayed popular over the years? Do you see any problems with marketing these dolls to young girls? Barbie's Success With Barbie's wardrobe and accessories girls could fantasize about being fashion models, doctors, or astronauts.Barbie's Success 2004 00:04:14 Slide 9 BARBIE: POPULAR COLLECTIONS Slide 10 Drawings to Dress Slide 11 Explain the steps in making a dress from idea to finished dress. Slide 12 Developing a Line of Fashion Slide 13 Designing a Fashion Line What is a fashion line? What does she consider important in designing a prom dress? Which dress did you like best? Design your own prom dress that would reflect your style. Slide 14 How does Fashion spread?