Lean workflow for teams in MOOC development

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PowerPoint Presentation1Lean WorkflowInstitutional Services for Low-cost Production of MOOCsBrian Mulligan moocs4all.eu 2A proposed model of workflowOverviewProject Control and CommunicationDrilling down into WorkflowDesignProduction and Assembly3A proposed workflow (overview)InstructionalDesignerSMEE-LearningTechnologistLearnersDeliveryFeedbackTrainingDesignQAProductionAssemblyQA4Project Control and CommunicationShared Outputs SpreadsheetWeb based light project management systemDropboxes / shared foldersAvoid multiple versionsNaming conventionsAvoid errors5Instructional DesignID and SMETrainingCertificationLearning StrategyList of objectsProject PlanSample content6Production and AssemblyContent creationText, videos, quizzes etcShared storageChecking / EditingLoading to platform7Sample Lean Workflow for Video ProductionContact SMEWith adviceRecordVideo7 minSave inDropboxIdentifies errorsand applies editsEditor ChoosesbestProcess, Publish and link from platform