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A recap of takeaways from Lean UX NYC and Balanced Team NYC April 2014 from Alexa Roman @calexity Presented at the Balanced Team San Francisco Salon April 24, 2014 http://www.balancedteam.org/2014/04/30/salons-and-such-april-sf-salon-at-carbon-five/


  • 1. SAN FRANCISCO SALON #BTSFSalon @BalancedTeam

2. Lean UX NYC + Balanced Team April 2014 3. 54 perspectives on how lean is working 4. User experience is not a role, its an outcome. Lane Halley 5. Shaping the product and shaping the company are not two separate things. Arne Roock 6. Choose the pieces of the methodology that work for your context. Be pragmatic, not dogmatic. Jeff Gothelf 7. Lean has become loaded. How can we redene it? 8. Which voices are missing from the balanced team? 9. From continuous delivery to continuous learning.


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