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This is Sean's talk for the AZ Innovation Summit at Skysong on 11/2/12. It's an intro to the Lean Startup methodology for companies that are pre Product-Market fit and covers Marketing Automation and Lifecycle Marketing for post Product-Market fit companies.


<p> 1. Lean Startup &amp; Marketing AutomationTwo subjects I wish I could go back and teach myformer entrepreneurial selfby Sean Tierney 2. My creds 3. Product-Market Fit Pre PostSearching for b-model Focused on growth 4. What is Lean?Toyota lean manufacturing principles applied tostartupsReduce wasteDe-risk the most threatening aspects earlyBuild / Measure / LearnPivot or PersevereValidated learning as the unit of progress 5. Pre-t: apathy is your greatest threat 6. CustDev Lean Canvas 7. Example 8. Example 9. Example 10. Example 11. Product-Market Fit Pre PostLean Marketing Automation 12. What is Marketing Automation?Rescue apparatus for operational quicksand 13. Pre-launch Post-launch mostly strategic operations strategic 14. Boost conversion rate # conversionsconversion % = # unique visitors 15. Example scenario 5 sales .5 % = 1000 visitors995 missed opportunities!! 16. Date your prospects 17. Lifecycle Marketing = dating your customers 18. BenetsHigher conversions = maximize value of ad spendMore personalized experience = improved cust satisf.Higher LTV per customerMore referral businessReduced overhead, more time to devote to meaningfulactivities 19. Recommended reading 20. http://grid7.com/azinnovation Sean Tierney sean@grid7.com 480.221.5500 @scrollinondubs </p>