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This is an overview of Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals Training for the healthcare professional.


  • 1. presents:Lean Six Sigma FundamentalsFor healthcare professionalsworkflowdiagnostics.com1-855-FLOWDOC

2. Fundamentals training Front-line staff and managers Standardized framework forsolving workflow &quality problems Departmental level Quick implementation Small disruption Big returnworkflowdiagnostics.com 1-855-FLOWDOC 3. The specs Two-day course (16 hours) On-site (neutral location) Cohort model 12-15 participants Total: 30-100 Lean Six Sigmaproblem-solversin their areas workflowdiagnostics.com1-855-FLOWDOC 4. Environment High-energy Engaging Interactive Hands-on Thought-provoking Challenging Rewarding Consultative workflowdiagnostics.com1-855-FLOWDOC 5. Examples X-ray report times for ED Supply availability / replenishment Call bell response Staff overtime Patient or staff safety precautions Patient complaints or concerns Hand-offs / communication Equipment maintenance Specimen controlworkflowdiagnostics.com 1-855-FLOWDOC 6. Objectives Make problem-solvers out of you (specific method) Teach you to see work as a process Teach you to see waste & variation Teach you how to map a process Teach you how to analyze a process Teach you how to improve a process Teach you how to implement & sustain a change Equip you to lead a small change effort & participate inlarger initiative Increase your value to the organization Increase the problem-solving acumen (& value) of theorganizationworkflowdiagnostics.com1-855-FLOWDOC 7. Benefits New fleet of problem-solvers/process-improvers Standardized method Iterative & exponential More efficient & process oriented Reduce costs & waste Reduce variation & errors Increase satisfaction Improve safety Enhance clinical quality Heighten communication Reduce cycle times workflowdiagnostics.com1-855-FLOWDOC 8. Next StepsAre you looking to empower staff with the tools and methodsfor solving problems and improving results? If so, the Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals course is a great fit for you. Contact us today!We can create a training program that is right foryou and help you transform your health system. workflowdiagnostics.com1-855-FLOWDOC 9. Contact us: WorkflowDiagnostics.com1-855-FLOWDOCTwitter: @workflowdx Thank You!All stock images courtesy of http://office.microsoft.com