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Lean Project ManagementProject Management OverviewA temporary endeavor to create a unique product, service, or result. Characteristics:Specific goal or deadlineComplex, interrelated tasks, special skillsCritical to organizationCross-functionalWhat is a Project?

2ConstructionSoftware developmentNew product developmentResearchNew business Examples of Projects

3Management of ProjectsInitiating - goal setting, defining the project, project charter team organizationPlanning scope statement, estimates, approvalExecuting project team, accomplish tasks of the project, manage expectations, testMonitoring and Controlling - monitor resources, costs, quality, and budgets; revise plans and shift resources to meet time and cost demands Closing contract closure, project closePMBOK4

Gantt chartCritical Path Method (CPM)Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)Lean Project ManagementProject Management Techniques5Horizontal bar chart showing time and taskDeveloped in 1910s by Henri GanttCan consider precedence relationships Can use multiple or single task time estimatesGantt Charts

6Network techniquesDeveloped in 1950sCPM by DuPont for chemical plants (1957)PERT by Booz, Allen & Hamilton with the U.S. Navy, for Polaris missile (1958)Consider precedence relationships and interdependenciesEach uses a different estimate of activity timesPERT and CPM

7Six Steps PERT & CPMDefine the project and prepare the work breakdown structureDevelop relationships among the activities - decide which activities must precede and which must follow othersDraw the network connecting all of the activities8Six Steps PERT & CPMAssign time and/or cost estimates to each activityCompute the longest time path through the network this is called the critical pathUse the network to help plan, schedule, monitor, and control the project9PERT and CPM: Network Analysis

From the caketalkblog10When will the entire project be completed?What are the critical activities or tasks in the project? Which are the noncritical activities?What is the probability the project will be completed by a specific date?Questions PERT & CPM Can Answer11Is the project on schedule, behind schedule, or ahead of schedule?Is the money spent equal to, less than, or greater than the budget?Are there enough resources available to finish the project on time?If the project must be finished in a shorter time, what is the way to accomplish this at least cost?Questions PERT & CPM Can Answer12Software for Managing Projects


ExcelCostTime Trade-Offs and Project CrashingIt is not uncommon to face the following situations:The project is behind scheduleThe completion time has been moved forwardShortening the duration of the project is called project crashing25LateSlowExpensiveProblems with Traditional PM

26Moving buffers out of individual tasksTwo questions: What task do I work on next? When do I take actions to accelerate the project? Emphasis on speedCritical Chain Project Management

27Project SystemLeading PeopleCharterRight Solution

Lean Project ManagementEight Principles

28Managing VariationProject Risk ManagementProject PlanExecuting

Lean Project ManagementEight Principles

29Project Management Body of Knowledge(PMBOK)


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