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This week we focused on practicing deep customer empathy through interviewing. We also did initial pitches and provided thrill / kill feedback about each presentation.


Lean Launchpad: What to Expect

Lean Launchpad:Pitches

Video4045 minutes2PracticeDesign a delightful vacation for your partnerLots of why questions!

30 minutes3Todays AgendaNetworking / PracticeWeekly TopicsGround RulesPitchesHomeworkMentoring

Weekly Topics5/19 First Pitches (9am-11am)5/26 Experiment Day (9am-5pm)6/2 Customers, Users, Payers (9am-12pm)6/9 Value Propositions (9am-12pm)6/16 Distribution Channels (9am-12pm)6/23 Customer Relationships (9am-12pm)6/30 Revenue Models (9am-12pm)7/7 Partners (9am-12pm)7/14 Key Resources & Costs (9am-12pm)7/21 Lessons Learned Presentations (9am-12pm)

Ground RulesBe on timeSupport team balanceBe accountable (High say/do ratio)Make sure materials are onlineWed like videos!Interactive Pitches3 Minutes (no exceptions)2 minute quiet brainstorm What thrills?2 minute quiet brainstorm What to kill?

Thrill & kill feedback should be focused on presentation, presenter and business7Lets PitchCity RecessAppstore AnalyticsForward IntelligenceVerb ClubWionTVSynthesize FeedbackClusterFind PatternsPrioritize10 minutes14Questions?HomeworkRead pages 86-111, 135-145 of Business Model GenerationReview pages 53-84 of Startup Owners ManualRead: Steve Blank, Whats a Startup? First Principles, http://steveblank.com/2010/01/25/whats-a-startup-first-principles/Read: Steve Blank, Make No Little Plans Defining the Scalable Startup, http://steveblank.com/2010/01/04/make-no-little-plans--defining-the-scalable-startup/Read: Steve Blank, A Startup is Not a Smaller Version of a Large Company, http://steveblank.com/2010/01/14/a-startup-is-not-a-smaller-version-of-a-large-company/

3-5 minute presentationMarket SizeType of business: IP, Licensing, startup, unknownProposed experiments to test customer segment, value proposition, channel and revenue model of the hypotheses.Start your customer discovery blog Post to our Google Group