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  1. 1. aceandrich.com http://aceandrich.com/leadskimmer-review-what-you-should-know-before-buying-leadskimmer/ Anastacia Hauldridge LeadSkimmer Review | What You Should Know Before Buying LeadSkimmer Did someone just recommend you need LeadSkimmer? Do you know what is LeadSkimmer? How does LeadSkimmer work and can you make money from selling it? All this and more inside
  2. 2. In todays LeadSkimmer Review, we are going to share with you some important facts that will help decide if LeadSkimmer is right for your business. Read more! When it comes to operating a business you have to have the right tools in your tool box that will enable you to do certain tasks to grow your business efficiently. Problem is with so much hype and out dated tools people who are desperate for making money feel they just have to buy everything they see that promises they will be rich or grow their business with push button technology. No business can be built without some sort of investment of time and money, which is why we feel that before you click that affiliates link you learn as much as you can about this software both good and bad.We know for a fact that every type of business no matter what niche it is needs to have the proper online tools and software programs that is going to save time during the building stage. The huge buzz right now on the internet is this LeadSkimmer software that is supposedly to generate leads as well as income for you but we found out there is more to this software you should know about. LeadSkimmer Review | What Is LeadSkimmer? The product known as LeadSkimmer was created by the founder of GlobalNPN, Geoff Stephen. If you never heard of
  3. 3. Geoff Stephen he was a speaker at the No Excuses Summit 3 (NES3) in Las Vegas about lead generation. Here is what LeadSkimmer is not: It is not an email harvester It is not some kind of lead sharing service It is not a broker of leads It is not a tool to be used to spam It is not Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) It is not a Get Rich Quick program Basically in a nutshell LeadSkimmer is promoted as a high-converting front end sales funnel that is designed to convert traffic into leads in order to build your own contact list quickly and efficiently. All the leads are generated 100% from the work that you as an affiliate produces and all the leads are real people who are searching for your content through the capture pages that are within LeadSkimmer. LeadSkimmer Review | How Do You Use LeadSkimmer? The way to use this as a tool for yourself is to build your contact list faster and promote to your list affiliate branded informational products. You can also earn commissions as an affiliate when you refer a customer to become a member. You can advertise inside the back office using their banners and sample ad campaigns as well as access member PLR (Private Label Rights) downloads. In the back office there are limited availability for trial members but we heard that more updates are coming to the system so that it can be more streamline and user friendly. LeadSkimmer Review | How LeadSkimmer Helps Building Your List Fast? You are going to use the LS on the front end to start capturing leads. So lets say you generated your first 3 leads for free, and in order to qualify you must have these qualifier leads to generate their 3 leads and so on. These 3 new leads who qualified and are the first lead line end up passing up to you as your leads. It can sound a bit complicated so it is best to show you visually how this works.
  4. 4. LeadSkimmer Review | How To Make Money Selling It? You need to be a qualified member that has upgraded to premium membership status. Only then you are qualified to start earning commissions from anyone in your lead lines that become premium members too. I really hate explaining compensation plans its really not my strong suit so here is a video by Geoff Stephen himself discussing the LeadSkimmer Compensation Plan. As a premium member you will earn $25 for each time once you refer someone who upgraded themselves to Premium status. All commissions are paid on a monthly basis between the 10th and the 15th day of every month for what work you did the month before. Payments are paid by either Paypal direct deposit or through Payza. *As stated in the video if you DONT upgrade to the Premium membership all your commissions will roll up to your sponsor. There are two ways to upgrade services here is a helpful breakdown so you can see which membership is a good fit for you level of participation. Option 1: Instant Upgrade to Premium for $44.95 for a lifetime membership one-time payment. Instantly qualified to start building your own LeadLines Earn commissions on you LeadLines and all skimmed leads from your referrals Earn commission on any future backoffice purchases from your referrals Link Tracking and Stats Reporting (know where your leads are coming from) Intergration with you GlobalNPN account to build leads and your downline! FREE entry ads to display your One-time offer or any other product youre promoting Contact your LeadSkimmer leads and referrals from your backoffice Over 135 Megabytes of downloadable, re-brandable PLR products! Option 2: Free Upgrade through GlobalNPN Now this system can be intergrated with your own Autoresponder but if you dont have one they offer you their own Autoresponder service Global NPN Mail Marketer PRO. If your just starting out and have a small list it is recommended to use the Mail Marketer PRO. Just for your information in case you need to understand what is the difference between a Qualifier, Leadlines, and Leadline. * Qualifiers are leads generated by you that have been passed up to your sponsor. (you need 3 to qualify) * Leadlines Started are leads that you have personally generated after being qualified. * Leadline Leads are leads that have been passed up to you by your leadlines LeadSkimmer Review | Conclusion In conclusion, we have seen the back office and walked through it but its not all that much to get excited about. The back office is very plain and just it looks still unfinished and not professionally put together. The truth about LeadSkimmer is thisits basically a feeder program and we consider it a huge distraction from your current business. There is two skills you must learn to master Generate enough leads on a daily basis and understand how to follow up with them which can be done on autopilot.
  5. 5. Too many people like to just over complicate the process when it really is not that difficult. This is just to confuse YOU and they keep you in limbo and all you end up doing is buying more products when really the focus is these two simple things. This is why people fall this kind of crap and they end up going brokeask yourself is this solving your real problems? We dont have to worry about that because our system does the selling and telling for us and all we do is just generate leads. If you dont have an opportunity and your brand new looking at this then this would be good for the person that is totally green but it still is going to boil down to you needing leads. No program is going to do that for you, you got to generate the leads even for LeadSkimmer because they dont provide the leads for you. Once you master lead generation your set for life and you create an asset because it is your list and nobody owns it. What do you like or dislike about the LeadSkimmer software program and system? Post your comments below we love to hear your thoughts. See you on the next post! Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman
  6. 6. About the Author Latest Posts About Anastacia Hauldridge Anastacia (Ace) Hauldridge and Rich Guzman are the "Internet Marketing Brainchild's" behind all the magic of AceandRich.com, a blog focused on teaching people the foundation and skills of running a successful online business. Together they share their passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop their marketing skills. They both share a common interest in beaches, fine dining, shopping, electronic trance music, romance and comedy. Together they live with their son in Massachusetts. LeadSkimmer Review | What You Should Know Before Buying LeadSkimmer - Jul 31, 2015 Jeunesse Global Review | Is Jeunesse Global The Best MLM To Join? - Jul 24, 2015 Pangea Organics Review | Not Your Typical Pangea Organics Review - Jul 24, 2015 Nerium Reviews | Is Nerium A Good Business Opportunity? - Jul 20, 2015 Origami Owl Reviews | How To Succeed In Origami Owl As A Newbie - Jul 19, 2015