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My exam tomorrow, with Malou, at Istituto Culinario about the topic of sauces. My wife made me a script to study but I thought making a powerpoint presentation will make the items stick to my head easily.


  • 1.Leading Sauces and itsDerivativesSource: Professional Cookingby Wayne Gisslen

2. Five Leading Sauces 1. Bechamel 2. Espagole3. Tomato4. Hollandaise5. Velout 3. Secondary Sauces 4. only two1. Espagnole1. Demi-glace1 Hollandaise1 Allemande1 Supreme 5. Small Sauces (Derivatives) 6. BECHAMEL 7. ESPAGNOLE 8. TOMATO 9. HOLLANDAISE 10. VELOUTE 11. AcknolwedgementThank you for allowing me to use your images Front Cover: http://jughandlesfatfarm.com Five Leading Sauces: http://www.learninghowtocook.com Secondary Sauces only two: http://www.douniacuisine.com Istituto Culinario Heinz, Inc. (Philippines) and Popoy Roderos Lea and Perrins