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http://www.leadershiptrainingbrisbane.com.au 7 Steps to Becoming an Engaging Leader Leadership training Brisbane By James McNamara History will show that the greatest leaders of the 21st Century werent the stereotypical super-human business gurus. Instead, the great leaders of this century will be those who align people to a common purpose and harness the collective genius of their whole organisation! This new breed of leaders will be influencers, collaborators and innovators not lone rangers. Their power will come from purpose rather than from command and control. Most importantly, these leaders will have willing followers! Todays leader must grapple with the question of how do I get others to willingly follow my lead? Further manages need to take an inside out approach to leadership and consider who they need to be so that others will follow them willingly. This requires a new way of thinking that replace judgment with curiosity, competition with collaboration, inference with innovation and telling with listening. 7 Steps to Becoming an Engaging Leader is a unique grass roots leadership paradigm that has been developed from experience with hundreds of Australian managers in both the private and public sectors. It provides practical and sustainable solutions to age old problems faced by managers such as - fostering innovation with fresh and creative ideas - building solidarity through shared purpose, vision and values - using different leadership styles in different situations - turning around poor performance and unacceptable behaviour - being clear and confident in your leadership strategy and decision making - boosting low team moral - moving from conflict to collaboration - and more If youd like to zero in on the essential principles that will help you to become a new breed of leader who is purpose driven, a collaborator, an influencer and an innovator, then these seven steps hold some unique insight for you. The seven steps to becoming an engaging leader are; 1. Lead With Purpose 2. Be Proactive and Exercise Your Power to Act 3. Know Your People 4. Trust is a Doing Word 5. Listening is The Most Powerful Influencing Skill of All 6. Speak up Authentically 7. Be an Enabler To find out more about James McNamara's leadership training in Brisbane, call 1300 790 150. http://www.leadershiptrainingbrisbane.com.au


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