"leadership persona -- fied" 2009 prssa leadership rally

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PRSSA Leadership Rally Leadership Persona – fied June 13, 2009 Ryan Zuk, APR Twitter: @ryanzuk Blog: criticalmasspr.com www.linkedin.com/in/ryanzuk ryanzuk at gmail dot com 602-821-3165

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Ryan Zuk, APR keynote presentation to 2009 Public Relations Student Society of America's (PRSSA) Leadership Rally. June 13th 2009, Scottsdale, AZ


  • 1. PRSSA Leadership Rally Leadership Persona fied June 13, 2009 Ryan Zuk, APR Twitter: @ryanzuk Blog: criticalmasspr.com www.linkedin.com/in/ryanzuk ryanzuk at gmail dot com 602-821-3165
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    • Todays Agenda:
    • Defining Your Leadership Persona
    • Positioning Your Persona To Lead
    • Bringing Your Persona To The Workplace
    • Final Thoughts Q&A
  • 4. Anyone Tweeting? #PRSSA (and a question for you)
  • 5.
    • Buyer Persona Concept
      • Marketers interview prospects/customers
      • Create profile w/ characteristics of each type
      • Their interests, problems, preferred media etc
    • Adapt This To Identify Leadership Personas
      • What key traits of different kinds of leaders and influencers do we want to incorporate?
      • Many personas exists, lets examine a few
    Source material: Pragmatic Marketing , David Meerman Scott
  • 6.
    • Leadership Qualities
    • Focus on Solving Problems
    • Tells Stories
    • Communication Techniques
    • Normal Guy Animated
    • Keeps Interest (Oh, 1 more thing)
    • Takeaways
    • Substance w/simple delivery
    • Incorporate Real Life
    Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Inc.
  • 7.
    • Leadership Qualities
    • Master Of All Ceremonies
    • Connects With You
    • Communication Techniques
    • Acts Like He Belongs There
    • Gets Others Talking
    • Takeaways
    • Repurposes Good Content
    • Makes You Want To Act
      • text 1234 tune in Wed.
    Ryan Seacrest, Uber Host
  • 8.
    • Opportunities Lost
    • Had A Leadership Role
    • Influence, Income
    • Communication Mistakes
    • Disrespect For Media
    • Assumed His Own Rules
    • Takeaways
    • Ethics (consequences)
    • Everyone Makes Mistakes
      • Its how / if you Rebound
    Michael Vick Former Atlanta Falcons QB Inmate House Arrest
  • 9.
    • Leadership Qualities
    • Perceived Balance
    • Polarizing Effect
    • Communication Techniques
    • Gets Out In Front Of Issues
    • The Social Internet President
    • Takeaways
    • Fills Gaps Of Inexperience
    • Yes You Can
    President Obama
  • 10.
    • ( Some) Classic Leadership Principles
      • Keep it simple (realistic plan, stretch goals)
      • Transparency (truth and accuracy, the 1 st time)
      • Lead by doing (using your plan)
      • Lead while doing (using your senses)
      • Listen to your gut like Joe Cockrell ( @JoePRGuy )
      • ABC News or his original YouTube post
    • Leadership is a contact sport and a team sport
      • Work the room, in your own way
      • Surround yourself w/ better people who fill gaps
  • 11.
    • Types Of Thought Leadership
      • Visionary / Innovative
      • Educational
      • Supporting and adding to Trends
      • Disagreeing (Positive Controversy)
    • Lets Write A Tactics Article
      • Topic: Thought Leadership on the Social Web
      • (jump in or Tweet #PRSSA w/ ideas)
  • 12.
    • Thought Leadership on the Social Web
    • What person/brand has an internet presence you like?
    • What do they do or say that draws you in?
    • (responses included)
    • Ford Fiesta and Chevy Volt fan site noted for social use
    • Mike Friedman, U.S. Cyclists blog mixes athletic and personal
    • David J. Neff, American Cancer Society, @daveiam on Twitter and Lights. Camera. Help. Festival for cause-driven organizations
    • And the effervescent Mr. Strange @EvanStrange :Our immediate past president has great internet presence. Who are you attracted to on the web? #Prssa
    • Some additional responses at #prssalr and #prssa hash tags
  • 13.
    • Role reversal: teaching 2.0 to veterans
    • Use your social skills
      • PRSSA chapters have done Social Media 101 sessions for local businesses (network & fundraising)
      • Leah Zuber @LJZuber , Grand Valley State Univ., PRSSA Chapter President, blog
      • Michigan State University PRSSAs YouTube Channel ( @courtneycurran campus agency)
      • Sarah Siewert @ssiewert Young PR Pros blog
  • 14.
    • Relationships & Conversations
      • Know thy journalist ahead of time (build Personas?!)
      • Phone only if youve got the goods
      • Email specific pitches, not group blasts
      • Styles: offer aid, praise via social, share sources etc.
      • When you do follow, correspond or meet find a common interest outside business (but dont force it)
      • Use the tools youre helping popularize: SMRs etc.
      • Get to know some Media now , before your graduate: follow, pitch ideas, offer to be citizen journalist on call
  • 15. Ideal for me is a short paragraph telling what the thing is. So the best pitches Ive ever gotten are, David, I see youve been covering digital cameras a lot. Wondering if youd be interested in one that shoots underwater and costs less than $100? Press release below. Contact me if any questions. David Pogue, New York Times, @Pogue Source: Ragan.com , Michael Sebastian
  • 16.
    • Excellent example : NBAs Phoenix Suns Tweetup
    Bridged virtual and reality by engaging via social media and bringing 150 fans to U.S. Airways Center for more than a game! Still getting coverage Source: Krystal Temple @sunsprgirl , Phoenix Suns
  • 17.
    • World Wide Rave , David Meerman Scott
    • Putting The Public Back In Public Relations Brian Solis & Deirdre Breakenridge
    • The Media Savvy Leader , David Henderson
    • PRSA Blogs: PRSAY & ComPRehension
    • Ragans PR Daily & Ragan.com
      • PRSA co-sponsors Ragans Social Media conference
    • Ryan Zuks Tactics articles & criticalmasspr.com
  • 18.
    • Ryan Zuk, APR
    • Twitter: @ryanzuk
    • Blog: criticalmasspr.com
    • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ryanzuk
    • 602-821-3165
    • ryanzuk at gmail dot com
    • Thank You
    • @PRSSANational members, @ brandiboatner for inviting me!
    • Brandon Zeuner slide preso advice. @ bzkicks
    • John Elsasser PRSA Publications Director, editorial guidance. @ JohnElsasser
    • Kelly Zuk inspiration and preso assistance.