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    PRIDE Summer 2016Volume 21, Issue 1St. Marks School of TexasAlumni MagazineLeadership & Literature:The new English 10 course emphasizes leadership

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  • St. Marks School of Texas Fall 2016 | Contents 1

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    ABOUT OUR COVERMichael Morris English 10

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    ContentsSt. Marks School of Texas Alumni Magazine

    Volume 21, Issue 1 Summer 2016







  • Home. What a great name for the most

    important thing in baseball.

    In giving his Baccalaureate address on behalf of

    the faculty, Joe Milliet told the departing Class of

    2016 about his passion for the game of baseball:

    from the spring weather announcing the start of

    the season to the mental agility required of the

    players to the excitement of watching them round

    the bases and return home. Joe loves baseball.

    And, Joe loves his home at St. Marks. With tears

    in his eyes before the audience of seniors, parents,

    and faculty hanging on his every word, Joe

    implored the 88 players before him never to

    forget to come home.

    For almost a decade, Ive had the pleasure of

    calling St. Marks my home and have witnessed

    this communitys growth from two unique

    perspectives. As a faculty member, I see the

    continuous drive for improvement that the

    teachers and administrators bring to their work.

    I see their passion and their dedication. Every year,

    the curriculum is tweaked and lesson plans are

    honed. St. Marks mission is to prepare young men

    for a changing world. To achieve this goal, we

    must never sit still.

    As a parent, I see my own boys growth. Their

    character and their spirit receive just as much

    attention as their minds. My boys obtain more

    than a world-class education; they learn how to

    be good men.

    The feature stories in this issue are all about

    looking toward the future. The Goals for

    St. Marks IV strategic planning process

    aims to identify and introduce advancement

    opportunities for the School. The new English 10

    curriculum is a commanding step forward in the

    growth of our character education program.

    And, as the building takes shape, the Winn

    Family Science Center will inspire the next

    generation of world-changers, just as the Class of

    2016 is poised to go out into the world and make

    it a better place.

    This is certainly an exciting time to be a part of

    the St. Marks community. I cannot wait to see

    the future of the place we all call home. And like

    Joe, I encourage all of you to return home to

    St. Marks. In life as in baseball, its always

    important to make it home.

    Best Wishes,

    Katy B. Rubarth

    Director of Communications

    St. Marks School of Texas2 On Campus | THE PRIDE

    from the editorOn Campus

  • Fall 2016 | On Campus 3

    On Campus

    campus snapshot

    Students in Mrs. Materres fourth-grade math class

    work on their Think Tank project. Inspired by

    Mrs. Materres visit to a real think tank, students

    are given difficult math problems and must

    collaborate to solve them.

    St. Marks School of Texas

  • A Collection of Student Photography and Ceramics

  • In 20152016, St. Marks photography program

    was named Top Program by the Association of

    Texas Photography Instructors for a record tenth

    consecutive year. The photography program is

    sponsored by Scott Hunt, Arnold E. Holtberg Master

    Teaching Chair.

    (opposite)Wesley Hibbs 17

    (left)Drew Baxley 16

    (below left)Graham Kirstein 16

    (below right)William Hall 18

    Fall 2016 | On Campus 5

    On Campus

    St. Marks School of Texas

  • (clockwise from above)Bryce Killian 16

    Dhruv Prasad 17

    Greyson Gallagher 16

    (opposite)Zak Houillion 16

    On Campus

    St. Marks School of Texas6 On Campus | THE PRIDE

    The 20152016 year marked Bill Kysors 47th and final

    year teaching at St. Marks. For almost a half-century,

    Bill helped invigorate the Fine Arts department and

    created a nationally renowned Ceramics program.

    Next year marks a new chapter in St. Marks Fine

    Arts Department as drama teacher Marion Glorioso

    assumes the role of Department Chair. Former

    Department Chair Jacque Gavin will still teach drama,

    continuing her St. Marks career that began in 1978.

  • Fall 2016 | On Campus 7

    On Campus

    St. Marks School of Texas

  • St. Marks School of Texas8 On Campus | THE PRIDE

    On Campus

    sports news

    FootballThe varsity football team entered the SPC Playoffs

    as the #1 seed in the North Zone. The Lions hosted

    the Kinkaid Falcons in the first round. The Falcons

    struck early, scoring a pair of touchdowns in the

    first quarter. Early in the second quarter, the Lions

    answered with a Matthew Placide 16 touchdown

    pass to Graham Gillespie 16, making the score 712.

    Kinkaid broke away with two long touchdown plays

    and a short touchdown run, but the Lions scored

    on the final play of the half with a touchdown pass

    to Rish Basu 17. The Lions played even with the

    Falcons in the second half, with each team scoring

    14 points. After an intense game, the Falcons won

    4727, ending the Lions 64 season. Bart Epperson,

    Carl Jackson, Russell Labhart, and Hayward Lee

    coach the team.

    Cross-CountryThe varsity cross-country team traveled to Austin to

    compete in the SPC Cross Country Championships

    on the campus of St. Andrews. Amid drizzling rain

    and mud, the Lions trudged through the course

    to earn a third-place finish behind St. Johns and

    St. Stephens. It was the second year in a row that

    the Lions finished third in what has become a

    very competitive conference, both in terms of

    outstanding runners and outstanding teams. The

    Lions were led by senior JT Graass 16, who finished

    in third place, capping off a stellar SPC career during

    which he earned All-SPC awards four years in a row.

    Right behind him, Daniel Cope 17 finished in fourth

    place, also earning All-SPC honors. Seth Weprin 19

    finished 22nd overall, despite losing one of his

    shoes a half-mile into the race. Behind him was Sam

    Shane 18 in 26th place, Scott Smythe 17 in 35th

    place, Emmett Berger 19 in 50th place, and Andre

    Arsenault 18 in 70th place. John Turek and Ryan

    Hershner coach the team.

    (above)Varsity quarterback

    Matthew Placide 16

    (right)Cal Rushton 18 and

    Jordan Cox 18

  • (left)Senior volleyball players Greyson Gallagher, Matthew Lawson, Sam Eichenwald, and Parker Dixon

    Fall 2016 | On Campus 9

    VolleyballThe varsity volleyball team entered the SPC

    Championship Tournament in Austin as the #1 seed

    from the SPC North Zone. In the first round, the

    Lions took on Trinity Valley. The Lions were hitting

    on all cylinders, winning the match 30. The Lions

    next match was the last match of the night. After a

    long wait, the Lions finally took the court against

    Casady, a team they had faced in the SPC Finals

    the past two years. During a tense back-and-forth

    game, the Lions won the first game, lost the next two,

    and won the fourth. Despite their best effort, the

    Cyclones took game five with a score of 1115 and

    advanced to the SPC Finals. Exhausted, the Lions

    nevertheless regrouped for their next match against

    the #1 seed from the SPC South Zone, St. Johns. The

    teams split the first four games of the match and in

    the fifth and final game, the Lions prevailed, winning

    1512 and earning third place at SPC. Darren Teicher

    and Brian Meyer coach the team.

    St. Marks School of Texas

    New Crew Hull Named for Dr. Westrate On Friday, January 22, 2016, the St. Marks varsity crew gathered to

    christen its newest hull, the Bruce C. Westrate, named in honor of the

    history teacher and Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Master Teaching Chair.

    The Westrate is the first hull purchased with funds from the Quarls

    Family Sustaining Crew Fund, which continues to support St. Marks

    rowing program. Former crew member Harrison Quarls 13 joined

    Dr. Westrate in christening the hull.

    SoccerEntering t


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