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LEADERSHIP: IS IT JUST ABOUT THE LEADERS? SUPREME COUNCIL LEADERSHIP SEMINAR MARCH 27, 2010 LEXINGTON, MA. Slide 2 JUST WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED LEADERSHIP? Leadership is not just about leaders; its also about followers Successful leadership depends upon the followers perception of the leader Leadership is in the eye of the follower Slide 3 LEADERSHIP CHARACTERISTICS James Kouzes and Barry Posner [The Leadership Challenge] surveyed 10,000 managers nationwide from a wide variety of private and public organizations to tell them what they looked for in a leader. There are several essential tests that a leader must pass before we are willing to grant the title leader. Lets take a look: Slide 4 HONESTY: Leaders are considered honest if they do what they say they are going to do [when they say they will do]. Another essential is the leaders display of trust in others. Trust is a risk game; the leader has to ante up first. Think of the chaos that happens when a leader within a Valley is less than totally honest about a challenging situation! Slide 5 COMPETENCE: We must believe that a person knows what he or she is doing. If we doubt the leaders abilities, were unlikely to enlist in the crusade! Value Added Competence: The ability to motivatesell an idearewardrecognize a team. Think of degree direction and management with competent individuals; think what happens in your Valley without them! Slide 6 BEING FORWARD LOOKING: Direction and concern for the futurevision dream calling Clarity of purpose and direction Maintain the core valueschange the processes by which they are managed for the benefit of the customers [members]Jim Collins. Slide 7 INSPIRATION Enthusiastic, energetic and positive about the future! Essential that leaders inspire our confidence in the validity of the goal. A good example is that the Scottish Rite is NOT a charity as has been clarified by Commander Mc Naughton. Slide 8 CREDIBILITY: More than anything else, people want leaders who are credible. This sense of security enables us to let go of our reservations and release enormous personal energy on behalf of the common vision A good example is that we are a fraternity, bonded together by fellowship and care for one another. Its the core value that has been revisited by Commander McNaughton that is part of reshaping our future. Slide 9 LEADERSHIP PRACTICES: THERE ARE FIVE FUNDAMENTAL PRACTICES THAT ENABLE LEADERS TO EARN FOLLOWERS CONFIDENCE and GET EXTRAORDINARY THINGS DONE: Slide 10 CHALLENGE THE PROCESS: A willingness to change the status quo. Explore ways to improve the organization Treat mistakes as a learning experience A good example is a new way to target the market for New members by doing innovative things Slide 11 INSPIRE A SHARED VISION: Envision the future with a positive outlook Expressive..attract followers through skillful communications Show others how mutual interests can be met through commitment to a common purpose A good example might be a way to present degrees in A Lodge setting after having had to vacate a former facility that was equipped with a theatre. Slide 12 ENABLE OTHERS TO ACT: Leaders infuse people with spirit developing relationships They stress collaborative goals They involve others in planning Ensure that people feel strong and capable A good example might be a Monthly Officers Meeting where the activities for the upcoming month are discussed and the leader [Presiding Officer] is able to guide the Officers through the process of ensuring that they have planned, organized, developed and are now controlling an agenda of events. Slide 13 MODEL THE WAY: Leaders are clear about their business values and beliefs Behavior is consistent with values Leaders also break projects down into bite size parts so that they are achievablecreating small wins! A good example is how often Commander McNaughton refers to Supreme Councils transactions as being the best value for the corporation. Slide 14 ENCOURAGE THE HEART: Link recognition with accomplishments Let others know that their efforts are appreciated Nurturing a team spirit that enables people to sustain continued efforts A good example is the Thank You Note. What a positive way to make someone feel good about what they have done! Slide 15 UNIQUE RELATIONSHIP: Leadership is a relationship, a unique and special trust between the leader and followers. The development of this trust requires our full attention as leaders Here are five pre-requisites to building and maintaining this bond of trust: Slide 16 KNOW YOUR FOLLOWERS: Find out what is important to them A good example is Why are you here? Our mission is to help you get extra-ordinary things done that are of mutual benefit and value to your Valley and its customers [members] Slide 17 STAND UP FOR YOUR BELIEFS Remain open to others: Listen, understand, empathize. Keeping the core values of the Rite is critical; knowing that we can change how we get things done is important! Slide 18 SPEAK WITH PASSION Communicate with excitement; paint word pictures Tell stories Enable others to feel what you experience What about that special conversation with a new memberand those necessary on going conversations with our current members who we dont see very often Slide 19 LEAD BY EXAMPLE Leaders are role models We look to them for how we should behave If leaders ask followers to observe certain standards, Then the leaders need to live by the same rules A good example might be the frequent planning sessions that are held among officers and leadersits always inspirational when someone says What if we do this a different way? Slide 20 CONQUER YOURSELF The real struggle of leadership is internal Internal ongoing questionsAm I doing the right thing? Are we going in the right direction? What impact will this action have on the future of the organization? This all begins with determining your value system The best example is when a major shift/change is about to be madeplace of meetingfinancial adjustmentrequired personnel changeto know from the leaders that the bodys compass is calibratedand things will be positivein a new direction. [Change is very difficult for some of our older members!] Slide 21 THE EYE OF THE FOLLOWER THESE CHARACTERISTICS, PRACTICES AND RELATIONSHIPS ARE TOUGH MEASURES MAY NOT SEEM RIGHT TO BE JUDGED SO HARSHLY BUTFOLLOWERS PERCEIVE LEADERS IN THEIR OWN TERMSTHOSE TERMS ARE NOT ALWAYS FAIR. THE LEADER IS NOT A LEADER UNLESS THERE ARE FOLLOWERS; THERE ARE NO TRUE FOLLOWERS UNLESS THE LEADER IS A LEADER IN THE EYE OF THE FOLLOWER. The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner Slide 22 Take Away Summary: Leadership Characteristics: Honesty Competence Being Forward Looking Inspiration Credibility Leadership Practices: Challenge the Process Inspire a Shared Vision Enable others to act Model the way Encourage the heart Unique Relationships : Know your followers Stand up for your beliefs Speak with passion Lead by example Conquer yourself The Leadership Challenge


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