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Leadership in Global Health Workshop Program


  • Leadership in Global Health Workshop

    Towards global health equity

  • Leadership in Global Health Workshop



    Leadership is increasingly being affirmed as a quintessential skill required by doctors and a

    skill that is currently not adequately addressed by the undergraduate medical curriculum.

    Similarly we are increasingly living in a global world, ever more connected and

    interconnected. Inequalities in health are one of the biggest challenges to health

    improvement and perhaps nowhere is it more remarkable than on a global content. Global

    health provides a platform to explore inequalities, whilst a key focus is on local action, the

    paradigm being Think Global, Act Local.

    Medical Students for Global Awareness (MSGA) has come to address the need of leadership

    in addressing global health inequity, in association with The New Zealand Medical Students

    Association (NZMSA). This workshop brings together students from medicine, nursing and

    pharmacy who have demonstrated a desire for leadership and community service.

    The day workshop invited keynote presentations from prominent speakers an expert and

    a recent graduate. There will also be smaller breakout sessions lead by student

    trainers/facilitators to empower participants with practical skills. There is also the option for

    all participants to be involved in post-workshop mentoring to further develop the skills from

    the workshop and put it into action in their own project or as a part of MSGAs maternal

    birthing kit abroad project, global health education campaign and NZMSAs policy Think



    University of Auckland Faculty of Medical and Health Science Student Services.


    9:00 10:15 Keynote Speakers

    10:15- 10:35 Morning Tea

    10:35 12:00 Breakout 1

    12:00 12:30 lunch

    12:30 3:00 Breakout 2

    3:00 4:00 Brainstorming and Presentation

  • Leadership in Global Health Workshop


    Breakout Sessions

    Introduction to Global Health Equity will explore what global health equity is and what

    ways that we as students can work towards it.

    Purpose building will explore what is a vision, mission, aim and objective. How to create

    purpose in a group and why it is important.

    Team culture will develop participants' sense of what is important in a team. It hopes to

    develop a platform for future collaboration between workshop attendees.

    Process of Engagement will introduce techniques behind how to communicate effectively

    by story-telling, creating narratives and identifying needs that connect with people.

    Change-making will introduce the theory of social changes and ways that changes are

    created in society.

    Projects management introduces basic project management paradigms will be presented.

    We will then go on to explore how these may be used in to inform our real life projects.

    Advocacy and Campaigning introduces how we can create change through advocacy and

    campaigning as well as exploring some locally relevant campaigning ideas.

    Keynote Speakers

    Dr Judith McCool Judith is Senior Lecturer in Global Health at the

    University of Auckland. Judith completed her Master of Public Health)

    and PhD in health psychology. Judith is both lead and co-investigator on

    numerous international and national research projects funded by HRC,

    Bloomberg Initiative, World University Network, Ministry of Health and

    an active collaborator research in partnership with WHO and Secretariat

    for the Pacific Communities. The Global Health Group, led by Judith,

    been awarded a Vice Chancellors Strategic Development Award (2009). Her major research

    interests include assessment of the impact of trade on health outcomes , tobacco industry

    activity in the Pacific region, media interpretations and health behaviours.

    Dr Sudhvir Singh is a first year house officer at Waitemata DHB. He

    graduated from MBChB at University of Auckland with an Honours degree

    in Public Health. He was national coordinator Medical Students for Global

    Awareness for the past three years. He has been involved and the Fiji

    Village Project, has been a previous president of AUMSA and the UN

    Youth NZ Auckland as well as the inaugural EVP of AUMSA. He is

    passionate about climate change and health, and he attended the UN

    Climate Change conference in Cancun as a health lobbyist with IFMSA.

  • Leadership in Global Health Workshop



    Phillip Chao is currently studying a BMedSci(Hons) in palliative care

    medicine between his fifth and sixth year at Auckland Medical School.

    He is now the Director of International Federation of Medical Student

    Association IFMSA Projects Support Division. In this role, he provides

    technical support to IFMSAs over 50 projects. Previously, he was on

    the NZMSA executive for two years. Recently he has delivered training

    workshops in Kenya, Peru, Jordan,Palestine, Egypt and Ghana. Outside

    of these activities he enjoys fencing, kayaking and tramping.

    Josephine Mak Josephine Mak is a fourth year medical student and

    the Training Officer for New Zealand Medical Students' Association. An

    IFMSA certified Trainer, she is NZMSA's Trainings Officer and has given

    and received trainings in New Zealand, Australia and Denmark on a

    variety of topics including leadership, communication skills, advocacy

    and medical education. Outside of training and med school, she loves

    travel, good food and drinks copious amounts of coffee

    Rennie Qin is the Auckland coordinator of Medical Students for Global

    Awareness. She is also on the Asia-Pacific regional team of IFMSA as

    the development assistant for advocacy, policy and education. She has

    coordinated nationwide campaign on fairtrade for P3 Foundation and

    on climate change and health for MSGA. She has participated in

    advocacy and campaigning training with IFMSA in Copenhagen and

    facilitated the health policy group at UN Youth Youth Declaration.

    Outside of medicine, she enjoys a fairtrade cuppa, a good book and lots of travelling.

    James Klaassen is the Auckland coordinator of Medical Students for

    Global Awareness. He has been involved in a range of projects such as

    the Red Party and Oxfam Trailwalk. James has worked as a committee

    member of University of Auckland Biology students association, as well

    as MSGA for two years. His interests include ecological responsibility,

    socioeconomic equity and human rights. Outside of medicine he enjoys

    swimming, learning languages and tramping.

  • Leadership in Global Health Workshop


    Follow up Process

    At the end of the workshop, participants have an hour to brainstorm ideas in groups for that

    they want to take to further global health equity. They will be able to present their ideas and

    discuss them in front of the whole group. The workshop will complete with MSGA and

    NZMSA presenting opportunities for students to be involved in their organizations.

    After the workshop, participants will be invited to an on-going mentoring program in which

    they will be offered advice and support for projects that they are doing.


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