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  • Leadership Certificate ProgramFall 2009Center for Leadership & Involvement

  • Leadership Certificate RequirementsProvide documentation of 100 hours of experience in leadership roles, civic engagement, work experiences, out of the classroom learning and academic course work

    Complete 3 different online courses

    Complete an educational artifact reflecting personal growth and impact on others

    Sign an ethics statement

    Have a cumulative GPA of a 2.5 at the time you apply

  • Activity AreasLeadership Roles20 hours maximumAcademic Courses30 hours maximumCivic Engagement20 hours maximumOut-of-Class Learning30 hours maximumWork Experience20 hours maximum

  • Leadership Roles20 hours MaximumMajor responsibilities are leadership related and allow for personal growthDemonstrate ability to lead others and have a positive impactAccomplish and set goalsHaving a significant impact on others and fostering a positive change on:Group MembersThe Organization The Campus

  • Verification of Leadership RolesPosition descriptionLetter of verificationPosition expectationsPersonal goal Statement500-word SummaryWhat was learned and how it relates to specific content area.

  • Academic Courses30 hours MaximumMust be a for credit coursePrinciple material leadership basedOnce academic credit = 15 contact hoursMust obtain a 3.0 or better for the class to qualifyCourses that fulfill at least one of the content areas.Must be completed by date of submission

  • Verification of Academic CoursesTranscriptSyllabusObtain grade of 3.0 or PASS500-word SummaryWhat was learned and how it relates to the specific content area.

  • Civic Engagement20 hours MaximumService and active involvement in the community Must benefit group outside of personal student orgDemonstrate understanding of community assetsExemplify how community leadership has an impact from a global perspective.Examples not acceptable are tabling an event for your student org, philanthropic donations.If leading a philanthropic event applicant may consider it a leadership role (activity area).

  • Verification of Civic EngagementVolunteer position description and non-profit agency description including mission.Dates of service and number of hours500-word SummaryWhat was learned and how it relates to specific content area.How service impacts broader community50% total hours completed through same agencyContact information of supervisor/written verification

  • Out-of-Class Learning30 hours MaximumNon-credit Leadership learningWorkshopsSeminarsConferencesContact hours will only be counted for actual workshop time (e.g. lunch/free at a conference does not count towards workshop hours at a conference)

  • Verification of Out-Of-Class LearningCertificate, letter, or card of participation500-word SummaryWhat was learned and how it relates to specific content area.One summary/activityItinerary of each activity (seminary, conference, etc.)

  • Work Experience20 hours MaximumPaid, unpaid, for-creditFoster personal growth and skill based opportunities that include a developmental focus

  • Verification of Work ExperienceLetter from SupervisorJob Description500-word SummaryWhat was learned and how it relates to specific content area.

  • Content AreasContent Areas are not in addition to the 100 hours Each activity submitted from the five areas must satisfy one of the three different content areasThis encourages broad, personal leadership development across a number of contexts

  • Content AreasIndividual 30 hours MinimumGroup 45 hours MinimumCommunity25 hours Minimum

  • Individual 30 hours minimumKnowing yourself is a fundamental value of leadership developmentRecognizing individuals who:Are aware of their beliefs, values, attitudes, and emotions that motivate one to take actionCan become a committed participant in the shaping of a groups common purposeThinks, feels, and behaves with consistency, genuineness, and authenticity

  • Group45 hours MinimumCollaboration:Empowers self and others through trustRecognizes differences in viewpoints are inevitableRespecting each other with a willingness to hear each others views and exercise restraint in Pride of accomplishing something together

  • Community25 hours MinimumShows citizenshipBecoming responsibly committed to the community and society through leadership developmentImpacting a positive change on behalf of others in the communityMust reflect looking at an issue at the global level.

  • Online CoursesSubmit three online coursesConsider how module resonates with personal leadershipApply what was learned to future leadership experience Submit three 500-word summaries

  • Educational ArtifactShould be:An overview of what you have learned and why you think it will make a difference in your future Your impact on others

    Can be:Paper (5 pages in length)Presentation (15 minutes in length)Web site

  • Educational Artifact SubmissionMeets proper formatting, i.e. 2500-word submission or 15 minute presentationDemonstrate significant personal or professional eventsExemplify analysis of learning derived from events including impact on othersPersonal action plan identifying next stepsOrganized, logical, clear

  • Applying for the Certificate Fill out profile online: www.cfli.wisc.eduSubmit record of activities formsSubmit online learning recordSubmit educational artifactElectronic signature of ethics statement

  • Applying for the CertificateFall Deadline: November 1stSpring Deadline: April 1stApplication is reviewed by a committee and CfLI will contact you with the results of their decisionIf you do not receive the Certificate you may re-submit your materials after making recommended adjustmentsStudents who complete the Certificate will be recognized at the Leadership Awards BanquetAll applications must be submitted electronically

  • Questions??For more information regarding the Leadership Certificate please visit: http://www.cfli.wisc.edu/leadership_certificate.htm

    More Questions??Email: leadership@odos.wisc.edu Office Hours: Mondays 10-12P


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