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  • 1. Lead Project Manager Training July 20, 2007

2. Lead PM Training

  • Competencies expected of Lead Project Managers
  • Communications
  • Being a salesman
  • Scheduling
  • Quality
  • Financial
  • Engineering
  • Metrics and goals
  • Other skills needed

3. Lead PM Competencies 4. Lead PM Competencies Customer Focus Oral Communication Written Communication Conclusion 1 2 3 4 Continuous Improvement 5. Lead PM Competencies (Contd) Decision Making Ethics / Values / Integrity Flexibility / Adaptability Conclusion 5 6 7 8 Goal Setting / Accomplishment / Focus 6. Lead PM Competencies (Contd) Interpersonal skills / Savvy Organization / Planning / Priority setting Providing direction to others Conclusion 9 10 11 12 Teamwork Conclusion 13 Time Management 7. Customer Focus

  • Who is your customer?
  • For a lead PM, it is:
    • Nucor, and everyone working for Nucor
    • Site PMs
    • Vendors
    • Administrators
    • Office PMs
    • Engineering
  • The Lead PM is the catalyst for everyone

8. Results Admin. Purch. Doc. Site PMs OfficePMs LEAD PM NUCOR Vendors Engineering 9. Customer Focus

  • Understanding and responding to the customers needs
  • Building long lasting relationships with the customer, and managing these relationships
  • Overall goal the customer needs to feel comfortable with you and trust you so that no matter what, they can come to you and know that their problems will be addressed quickly.

10. Oral Communication

  • Communicating verbally with customers
  • For the lead PM to be viewed as a leader, his communication skills must be sharp
  • Listen first determine what is happening, and get a clear definition.Avoid jumping to conclusions
  • Ask questions
  • Provide clear, understandable instructions and information to your customer

11. Written Communication

  • Communicating thoughts and ideas through reports, e-mails and the like.
  • 95% of our written correspondence is through e-mail
  • Proper written communication conveys professionalism
  • E-mail etiquette is a must for every lead PM (as well as all others, but the lead PM sets the bar)

12. Written Communication

  • E-mail etiquette for Lead PMs
    • Use proper structure and layout
      • Every e-mail addresses the recipient (Hi Larry or Dear Larry), and includes your signature line
      • Use short paragraphs
      • Use blank lines between paragraphs
      • One subject per e-mail whenever possible

13. Written Communication

  • E-mail etiquette for Lead PMs
    • Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation
    • Be concise and to the point
    • Do not write in CAPITALS
    • Do not overuse reply to all
    • Do not use e-mail to discuss confidential information.
    • Avoid long sentences

14. Written Communication

  • E-mail etiquette for Lead PMs
    • Use cc: field sparingly
    • Dont send or forward e-mails containing libelous, defamatory, offensive, racist or obscene remarks
    • Read the e-mail before you send it
    • Do not engage in e-mail battles.If someone e-mails a problem, call the person, then use e-mail to follow up with action items.

15. Continuous Improvement

  • Understand the goals and objectives of the program that we are promoting within Nucor
  • Utilize the quality initiatives to improve our products and services (procedures, ECRs, NCRs and CAs)
  • Understand the metrics, and develop action plans for improving the performance for your plant

16. Decision Making

  • Gather information, understand it, and quickly and efficiently make decisions on how to proceed
  • Use whatever resources you need, and that are available, to help with the decision making

17. Ethics / Values / Integrity

  • For our program to succeed long term, our customer (remember the definition) must:
    • Trust us
    • Respect us
    • Expect us, at all times, to do the right thing
    • Expect us, at all times, to be open and honest
    • Believe that we are always able to see things from their point of view
  • One instance of failing to do so, and the relationship is damaged indefinitely

18. Flexibility / Adaptability

  • Understanding that the customers needs come first
  • Everything else takes a back seat
  • Being able to adjust mid stream to meet their needs

19. Flexibility / Adaptability

  • Examples
    • A vendor calls you.They have a part on the CNC lathe, and found a discrepancy on the drawing.What do you do?
    • Nucor called the 24 hour CHL hotline.You were notified by the person monitoring the line.Its Easter day.What do you do?
    • A vendor calls and says that they havent received the drawings that were supposed to be sent, for an item that CHL requested for an outage.What do you do?

20. Flexibility / Adaptability

  • Examples
    • Nucor calls.They are irate.Twice in a row, a cylinder leaked immediately upon installation.What do you do?
    • Nucor calls while you are writing a training plan for lead PMs.A shear they need by 7/20 was assembled backwards, and the vendor doesnt think the can make the delivery.Nucor has already expended a lot of $$ on planning for this outage, and this really messes things up.What do you do?

21. Goal Setting / Accomplishment / Focus

  • Set goals for projects, and understand Nucors goals for projects
  • Stay focused on the goals and objectives
  • Accomplish them!

22. Interpersonal skills / Savvy

  • Relating well to everyone
  • Develop positive, long lasting relationships
  • Dont criticize, condemn, or complain
  • Give appreciation
  • Be a good listener use the 80/20 rule
  • Make the other person feel important

23. Organization / Planning / Priority setting

  • Managing paperwork
  • Have all information in its proper locations make sure the network job folders have all the information
  • Plan jobs up front
  • Assign priorities for the completion of tasks

24. Providing direction to others

  • Give clear, defined scopes on jobs and other work requested
  • Document everything follow up e-mails, notes in the job folder, work scopes, and the like

25. Teamwork

  • Lead PMs must be:
    • A member of the team
    • The leader of the team
    • The cheer leader always positive
  • Facilitate teamwork between all of your customers site, office, Nucor, vendors, administration, engineering.

26. Time management

  • The lead PM is expected to accomplish a great many things.
  • To do this, he must be able to manage his time effectively
  • Tools Outlook, planning a day, and weeks ahead.Use calendar, tasks, notes.
  • Prioritize your work.There is a lot to do, and if it isnt planned, you will feel overwhelmed.

27. Communications 28. Communications

  • Customer
  • Site Project Managers
  • Vendors
  • Engineering
  • Office Project Managers

29. Customer Communications

  • Get to know all of the supervisors
    • Visit regularly, and more often when we are missing a site PM
  • Know everyone in purchasing & accounts payable
  • Develop relationship with lead maintenance supervisor and maintenance manager
  • Get to know the engineering staff
    • Visit regularly they manage capital projects

30. Customer Communications

  • Act as the single point contact for Nucor management and purchasing
    • Visit purchasing once/month and address all concerns
  • Maintain compliance with all of the commercial requirements of the contract