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Le Gateau Maison Le Gateau Maison serves pastries that re-create the experience of places and events. We do this by creating the right taste, the right look and the right experience when you consume a Le Gateau Maison product. Our Vision To tell a story in every cake, every pastries we create. Our Mission To use the best ingredients and to stay true to the country of origin for each product. Our Cakes Have you ever had a food that brings back memories? It could be childhood, your first love, your first child etc. Taste rekindles memories. At Le Gateau Maison, we present taste that are filled with memories of a place or an event. Every one of our product has a story, the story of the place it first originated. And when you ate it, we hope you can experience the story as well.


<ul><li> 1. http://legateaumaison.com Visit us for a delicious experience </li> </ul>