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<ul><li><p>8/14/2019 Le Flash 2009 - Call for Entries</p><p> 1/3</p><p>LE FLASH ATLANTA 2009</p><p>CALL for PROPOSALS</p><p>A little historyOnce a year, Paris lights up the city with art for NUIT BLANCHE. Toronto</p><p>does the same with all night art revelry. In Santa Monica, GLOWtransforms the pier, the beach and Palisades Park for art encounters from dusk to dawn.</p><p>One misty night in October 2008, LE FLASH sparked this same ephemeral energy inAtlantas Castleberry Hill District.</p><p>The premier of LE FLASH ATLANTA featured over 40 projects in Castleberrys streets andgalleries, vacant lots and windows, warehouses and rooftops. The event illuminated thedistrict from dusk to midnight, creating a unique cultural experience, and leaving a traceof magic and mystery in the minds of those who were there.</p><p>Learn more about Le Flash 2008 here: http://www.leflash-atl.com/</p><p>and here: http://burnaway.org/2008/10/le-flashhighlights/</p><p>This yearrain or shinewe return to Castleberry Hill, on Friday, October 2, with LEFLASH ATLANTA 2009, the opening event of Atlanta Celebrates Photography!</p><p>Curatorial Team: Cathy Byrd and Stuart Keeler</p><p>Fantastical art and creative events will again fill a night out in the neighborhood. Atlanta</p><p>expects to be showered with the light and sound of installations, performance art, poetryreadings, music, video projections, an iron pour and art happenings of all sorts.</p>http://www.leflash-atl.com/http://burnaway.org/2008/10/le-flashhighlights/http://www.leflash-atl.com/http://burnaway.org/2008/10/le-flashhighlights/</li><li><p>8/14/2019 Le Flash 2009 - Call for Entries</p><p> 2/3</p><p>ARTISTS, WEAWAIT PROPOSALS FOR PROJECTS CENTEREDON LIGHT!</p><p>Imagine light as a solid, a liquid or a vapor elemental to your project! Think of lightthrough an experimental lens, as a reflection or as a projection. Show us how you can</p><p>animate and energize one space or a whole neighborhood with light!</p><p>We invite proposals for experimental light-filled site work and performance by independentartists with fresh concepts.</p><p>Artists are requested to:1. site their work and obtain permission from the property owner2. address safety issues and the potential for inclement weather</p><p>3. locate and secure electrical and water hook-ups, if needed</p><p>4. be dynamic and prepared to express the essence of LE FLASH!</p><p>Most projects will be self-funded and self-produced.At their discretion, the curators will award modest stipends to support the production of alimited number of ambitious proposals with budgets that exceed the artists ability to self-fund.</p><p>TIMELINE</p><p>JUNE 5: CALL FOR PROPOSALSJuly 10: Proposal DeadlineAugust 7: INTERVIEWSAugust 9: PROJECT SELECTIONS ANNOUNCED</p><p>September 13: MANDATORY MEETING + Site VisitsSeptember 27: Mandatory Rehearsal on SiteOctober 2: LE FLASH!</p><p>SUBMISSION GUIDE</p><p>Proposals accepted ONLY through the Le Flash website: leflash-atl.comDirections on how to do this will be posted on the web site by June 20</p><p>ALL PROPOSALS will require:</p><p>Full Name</p><p>Contact information: phone, email, physical mailing address, website</p><p>Title and Clear Description of Concept (include proposed duration of performance/video)</p><p>How do you define the essence of Le Flash ? We want to know!</p></li><li><p>8/14/2019 Le Flash 2009 - Call for Entries</p><p> 3/3</p><p>Date and site of recent presentations of theproposed concept.</p><p>Up to 3 images or links to sites showing related past work</p><p>Proposed site/Description or optimum setting for the work.</p><p>Where do you see your project happening?</p><p>Electrical hook-up or other project-specific set up needs</p><p>DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: July 10, 2009.</p><p>LEFLASHATLANTA 2009 is supported in part by Atlanta Celebrates Photography</p><p>Atlanta Celebrates Photography supports Atlantas emergence as an international center for</p><p>photography. Through an annual October festival and year-round programs, ACP seeks tonurture and support photographers, educate and engage collectors, promote diversephotography venues, and enrich Atlantas cultural scene. Through these efforts, we facilitateAtlantas emergence as a world-class cultural city.</p><p>Sponsorship opportunities are available.</p><p>Questions: LeFlash.2009.Atlanta@gmail.com</p>mailto:LeFlash.2009.Atlanta@gmail.commailto:LeFlash.2009.Atlanta@gmail.com</li></ul>