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  • LC Zurich Informant Nr. 26 30.10.12

    LC Zurich Informant AIESEC in Zurich Newsletter

    Content News of

    the week Do It!

    Updates - Finance

    - OGX

    - Comm

    - ER

    - CD

    Events - Do It 2012

    Do It! Dear LC Zurich member,

    On October 17th, Benno Marbach joined our LCM and delivered a speech on

    networking. He shared his views on building and maintaining networks and

    why they can be very important in some situations.

    This week you will have the opportunity to do some networking yourself.

    Because Do It is right around the corner and there are people from all over

    Switzerland coming to this event taking place in beautiful Fiesch. So be sure

    to take this chance, do some networking, get to know people, learn

    something valuable and most of all have tons of fun!

    All the delegates should have received an Information Booklet with all the

    important information regarding the time of departure, what to bring and

    what not to bring, etc.. If this is not the case, please contact your VP.

    The Comm Team is very much looking forward to seeing all of you next

    Thursday. Until then: Have a nice week and get some sleep, because chances

    are you wont get a lot of it at Do It ;)

    Your Comm Team

    Thu, 01.11.12 Sun, 04.11.12 Do It

    Right now, its all about DO IT! One of the biggest national conferences is about to start in a couple of days. We already had the Conference Preparation LCM last Wednesday where the newies had a crash course on how we AIESECers do conferences =). They got introduced to the AIESEC culture and they also got the chance to practice our infamous ROLL CALL. Oh, lets not forget about our shout! Do you

    still recall it? Heres a little reminder:

    White and Blue, coming through,

    there is nothing you can do Oh Shout louder!

    Zurichs got the POWER! Oh Shout louder!

    Zurichs got the what what POOOOOOWER!

    AIESEC Ivo @ EuroCo

    IBM Training Career Days

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    LC Zurich Informant


    The Finance Team is busy - The Finance Team has been busy creating the discharge report for KICK OFF 2012 and also creating the feasibility study for DO IT 2013.

    Furthermore they had their first operational meeting last Tuesday where they had a

    successful implementation of task division. The Finance team is now prepared to start

    controlling us while spending the money =)


    XPS The OGX People hold their first XPS yesterday. They had an awesome time and are very happy to welcome the 10 new EPs who are really excited to go abroad and skip the cold

    snow outside. For all of the other AIESECers there's still a chance to join them and

    participate at the next XPS on December 1st. Contact the OGX-Team.

    Theyre waiting for you!

    Team meeting The COMM Team had its first Team Meeting last Thursday, where the newies had the honor to get to know the MCVP COMM in person already: Oana Pascu

    stopped by the office and shared some basic AIESEC-knowledge with the newies and also

    the more experienced members. This sure was a great preparation for DO IT! In addition

    to that, the main tasks were distributed so that each member now knows what kind of

    area/project he will be working at/for.



    BSCC event Gwen Jettain, Valentin Degen and our VP ER Julian Osborne have been invited to a BSCC Event about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The relationship

    between BSCC and AIESEC is at a high and the ER Team is looking forward to similar

    occasions in the future. At the event they had the chance to meet very interesting people

    and to expand their network.


    Career Days The Career Days Team is on fire! There are a lot of things that need to be done within the next weeks: For now, the team members are busy doing sales,

    meaning contacting companies and trying to win them over so that they participate in

    our Career Days. During their 2nd meeting last Tuesday, Nadja Zrcher, former OCP CD,

    delivered a Sales Workshop. The team members are highly motivated and working hard

    to make CD a success! Furthermore theyre trying to cooperate with other student

    organizations to promote CD even more. They also see Do It as a chance to get in contact

    with companies and to motivate them to work with us! Good luck guys!


  • LC Zurich Informant

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    AIESEC Zurich

    Rmistrasse 66 8001 Zurich, Switzerland Office: +41 44 252 36 82 Fax: +41 44 262 55 40


    Were on the Web:

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    Editors: Domagoj Belancic, Margaux Aeschimann

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    Our LCPs experience at EuroCo 2012:

    Q: Ivo, you spent the last couple of

    days in Romania at EuroCo, an

    international conference. Can you tell us

    what it was about and what did you do


    Ivo: EuroCo is an international conference

    for all LCPs of Western-, Central- and

    Eastern Europe and North America. It is

    facilitated by MCPs and AIESEC

    International. In 7 days we discussed and

    learned a lot about the bigger picture and

    the purpose of AIESEC. We took a look at

    our current situation, our goals and what is

    needed to get there. Then we went in some

    more strategical topics like the positioning

    and management of an LC, program

    improvement and LC development. We also

    had a full day of leadership development

    session for our role as LCP and some

    workshops from global partners.

    Q: How many people attended the

    conference? Were there any awkward

    situations when spending time with

    people from so many different


    Ivo: We were around 200 LCPs from more

    than 40 different countries. We talked and

    networked with a lot of people from very

    different backgrounds and cultures.

    It is very interesting to hear about their

    situations and culture and to compare the

    realities of our LCs, awkward situations


    Q: Tell us about something funny that

    happened at EuroCo?

    Ivo: One of the funniest moments was, when

    the LCPs pushed the President of AIESEC

    International to dance the Gangnam style

    during a break, because he looks so much like

    Psy. Video can be found here:

    Q: What was the most memorable

    thing/moment at EuroCo?

    Ivo: For me the most memorable session was

    about leadership styles and motivation. It was

    hold by Dey Dos, who is quite freaky and

    looks like a hippy, but he is also former PAI

    and a very inspiring speaker. He gave us a lot

    to think about and triggered very valuable self-

    reflection. At the same way all his crazy

    actions and inputs made the sessions very

    funny and memorable.

    Q: Are there also roll calls at EuroCo?

    Ivo: Hell yeah, there are plenty of roll calls and

    shouts on international level. See the brand

    new swiss LCP roll call: