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<ul><li><p>For I Was Hungry And You Gave Me Food, </p><p>Thirsty And You Gave Me Drink, </p><p>A Stranger And You Welcomed Me </p><p>Matthew 25:35 </p><p>LCCI YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! </p><p>LCCI needs your financial assistance </p><p>to further its collective efforts. </p><p>You can make a difference. </p><p>I/We support the mission and vision of </p><p>LCCI and would like to contribute </p><p>$_________ </p><p>Enclosed is a check, or I/we </p><p>plan to pledge payments </p><p>monthly or in one payment</p><p> $50 </p><p> $100 </p><p> $250 </p><p> $500 </p><p>$1000 </p><p>Other: _________ </p><p>Name________________________ </p><p>Address______________________ </p><p>City__________ State___ Zip____ </p><p>Phone _______________________ </p><p>Signature_____________________ </p><p>Date_________________________ </p><p>LIM</p><p>ESTO</p><p>NE C</p><p>OU</p><p>NT</p><p>Y C</p><p>HU</p><p>RC</p><p>HES I</p><p>NV</p><p>OLV</p><p>ED</p><p>, IN</p><p>C. </p><p>20</p><p>1 N</p><p>. Je</p><p>ffer</p><p>so</p><p>n S</p><p>tr</p><p>eet</p><p>, P.O</p><p>. B</p><p>ox</p><p> 168, A</p><p>th</p><p>en</p><p>s, A</p><p>L 3</p><p>5612</p><p> LIMESTONE COUNTY CHURCHES INVOLVED INC. </p></li><li><p>LCCI </p><p>Food Convenient/non-perishable foods are </p><p>available at the LCCI office. </p><p>Transportation A gasoline / oil or bus </p><p>ticket voucher may be given. </p><p>Housing Local motel stays may be given </p><p>for transient or emergency situations </p><p>for local clients with a 1-2 night stay </p><p>maximum. </p><p>Medical Emergency prescriptions may be </p><p>authorized for life-sustaining medications. </p><p>Utilities A partial payment may be made </p><p>to aid only a long-term solution. </p><p>Approximately 4,000 families in Limestone </p><p>County live at or below the poverty level. </p><p>Over 800 families will seek assistance from </p><p>one of our churches. Someone who </p><p>has a heart for the poor and needy </p><p>can sort out complicated situations </p><p>is patient giving instruction and compassionate </p><p>giving correction </p><p>has work or volunteer experience assessing </p><p>peoples needs </p><p>would make a good INTERVIEWER </p><p>Someone who </p><p>enjoys meeting new people </p><p>is patient with a listening ear </p><p>is adept at juggling a handful of small tasks </p><p>has work or volunteer experience at a desk position </p><p>would make a good RECEPTIONIST </p><p> Someone who </p><p>is comfortable with computers </p><p>remembers details and procedures well </p><p>is patient with technology </p><p>has work or volunteer experience operating a </p><p>computer </p><p>would make a good DATA ENTRY CLERK </p><p>Someone who </p><p>is attentive to detail </p><p>enjoys organizing </p><p>can do light lifting </p><p>has work or volunteer experience with groceries </p><p>would make a good FOOD PANTRY WORKER </p><p> LCCI NEEDS YOU! </p><p>SERVICES </p><p>201 N. Jefferson Street P.O. Box 168 </p><p>Athens, AL 35612 (Corner of N. Jefferson &amp; Hobbs Streets) </p><p>(256) 262-0671 Telephone (256) 206-9146 Fax </p><p>Hours of Operation Food - Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-11 a.m. </p><p> General Assistance - Mon, Tues, Thurs, 9 a.m-11 a.m. </p><p> MISSION STATEMENT </p><p>Our mission is to mobilize the Churches of Limestone </p><p>County to transform lives in the Name of Jesus Christ </p><p>by providing a prayerful and organized approach to </p><p>meeting the physical needs of individuals in our </p><p>community. </p><p>CORE VALUES </p><p>1. We are Christians in that everything we think, </p><p>say, or do is in the name of Christ and for the glory </p><p>of the One True Living God, our Father. </p><p>(Matthew 5:16) </p><p>2. We believe Prayer is an integral part of who we </p><p>are. (2 Chronicles 7:14) </p><p>3. We value the poor and needy with the </p><p>compassion and love of Christ. (Matthew 25:40) </p><p>4. We value unity in the Body of Christ. </p><p>(Romans 10:13) </p><p>5. We value transformation in the lives of the </p><p>people of our community. (Romans 12:1) </p><p>6. We live the greatest commandments; to love </p><p>God and our neighbors. (Matthew 22:37-39) </p><p>7. We build Christ-like relationships. </p><p>8. We value the connectedness of the Limestone </p><p>County Churches Involved relationships. </p><p>9. We model excellence. (Colossians 3:23) </p><p>10. We value continually maturing in our capacity </p><p>to meet peoples needs. (James 1:2-4) </p></li></ul>