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1. Laying the foundations of SEO 2. About us Founded in 2010 by 3 SEOs who were working on a large site migration Grown to over 500 clients in 45 countries worldwide We believe in building solid digital foundations. And we believe this leads to great SEO performance Head up the Commercial Team, helping Search teams worldwide get the most out of our tool 3. What we do DeepCrawl is a cloud based Web Crawler Built to be a low cost, high impact application. We want to be achievable for every budget Our reports help build a rich visualisation of your architecture and report on the health of all of your pages Optimise your website for the good of the user and search engines 4. Improve the web by providing data that helps people make their web presence accessible, relevant and effective. @DeepCrawl 5. @DeepCrawl Todays Agenda Speaking to the business (10 mins) Building credibility (10 mins) Actionable Data (10 mins) Questions 6. Speaking to the business @DeepCrawl 7. @DeepCrawl Educate Set expectations Get everyone to listen 8. SEO is essential to your business @DeepCrawl 9. but most people in your business dont understand what it is or why its important @DeepCrawl 10. Perception Immediately be at the top of search resultsWave a magic wand 11. Reality Multiple stakeholders involved Hundreds of small continuous improvements 12. So how can you change these perceptions? @DeepCrawl 13. Meet with key people in the business and understand their objectives @DeepCrawl 14. Be upfront with expectations @DeepCrawl 15. Everyone has Issues! 16. But opportunity abounds for improvements @DeepCrawl 17. Things wont change overnight 18. The secret ingredient to get their attention FEAR!! @DeepCrawl 19. Building credibility @DeepCrawl 20. @DeepCrawl The Audit Your priority Quick win with Dev 21. For a thorough checklist: Moz 2015 Technical Audit 22. Include as much data as possible @DeepCrawl 23. Combine with Google Analytics Crawl your Sitemaps 24. Look for some quick wins @DeepCrawl 25. because you know what is going to work @DeepCrawl 26. and how quickly changes can take affect @DeepCrawl 27. Dont treat the site as a whole 28. Try to identify problem areas 29. Indexability and Accesibility 30. Crawl space 31. Indexable space 32. Do what you can before asking for Dev time @DeepCrawl 33. Control Accessibility 34. Test, test, test! 35. When you first ask for help from Dev @DeepCrawl 36. make their job as easy as possible @DeepCrawl 37. Indexability 38. Dont just show the problem 39. Give the solution 40. Actionable Data @DeepCrawl 41. @DeepCrawl Help other stakeholders Maintain momentum Business Goals 42. Reality Multiple stakeholders involved Hundreds of small continuous improvements 43. Show other teams where opportunities are @DeepCrawl 44. give them solutions, not just problems @DeepCrawl 45. Content Strategy 46. Content Strategy 47. Social Profile 48. Social Profile 49. Visualise site architecture for Functionality 50. Slow pages affecting Usability 51. Slow pages affecting Usability 52. Now you have multiple stakeholders on board @DeepCrawl 53. you are ready to make a comprehensive Dev list @DeepCrawl 54. The journey has only just begun @DeepCrawl 55. you need to help maintain momentum @DeepCrawl 56. and ensure real change happens @DeepCrawl 57. Track progress 58. Consistently monitor performance 59. Build a cache of your website over time 60. Thank you for your time @DeepCrawl


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