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  • 1.www.apmg- APMG-International Webinar Laying the foundations for Project Success Wednesday 28 August 2013 / 12:00 AEST (Canberra, Australia) Presented by Geoff Rankins, Inspiring Projects

2. Agenda Welcome & introduction Mark Croxford, Business Development Manager Australasia APMG-International Laying the Foundations for Project Success Geoff Rankins (Inspiring Projects) Q&A More Information Close 3. About APMG-International Accredit training and consulting organizations & manage certification schemes for professionals International presence in 13 countries Extensive suite of professional development products leading to more than 80 world-class qualifications Publications, courseware and methodologies are translated in up to 23 languages 350+ Accredited training (ATO) and consulting (ACO) organizations with 1800+ approved trainers and consultants Certify examination candidates; 18000+ exams per month More information: 4. Your Presenter Geoff Rankins, Lead Trainer, Inspiring Projects Approved Trainer in PRINCE2, MSP, MoP, P3O, MoV, Managing Benefits, Agile Project Management, Better Business Cases, MoR (soon) Geoff is a consultant and project director with 35+ years of experience helping organisations manage change He has held executive, advisory and line management roles in multinationals, ASX50 organisations, Federal and State Governments and Tier 1 & 2 consulting firms Contributor to several national and ISO standards He has been an early promoter in Australasia of PRINCE2, MSP, MoV and now Better Business Cases 5. Objectives Introduce Better Business Cases Touch on its core elements Consider experience to date 6. Background UK Treasury Green Book Victoria Treasury Investment Management Standard, incorporating an Investment Logic Model Other jurisdictions A multitude of ad hoc methods 7. The Need for Guidance The key challenge for organisations in a post-GFC world is how to optimise the value returned from their investments Key requirements for decision making: Is there a clear justification for intervention? Are there clear objectives? Divergent (options) before convergent (solutions)? Likelihood of business value through benefits realisation? Acceptable risk exposure (failure)? A well-prepared Business Case is essential for enabling evidence-based decision making. 8. The Five Cases Model Strategic Case Management Case Financial Case Commercial Case Economic Case Compelling? Achievable? Value for Money? Viable? Affordable? 9. Business Case Documents Strategic Outline Programme Strategic Outline Case Outline Business Case Full Business Case Business Justification Case Major Schemes Minor Schemes 10. Progressive Refinement Strategic Outline Case Outline Business Case Full Business Case Strategic Economic Financial Commercial Management 11. Development Pathway Product Steps Strategic Outline Programme 1: Ascertain strategic fit Strategic Outline Case 2: Make the case for change 3: Explore the preferred way forward Outline Business Case 4: Determine Value for Money 5: Prepare for the potential deal 6: Ascertain affordability and funding 7: Plan for successful delivery Full Business Case 8: Procure the VfM solution 9: Contract for the deal 10: Ensure successful delivery 12. Large, contentious project under PRINCE2 Pre- Project Initiation Stage Tender Stage Delivery Stage(s) Strategic Outline Case is in the Project Brief Outline Business Case is in the Project Initiation Documentation (PID) Final Business Case is in the updated PID 13. Smaller, non-contentious project under PRINCE2 Pre- Project Initiation Stage Tender Stage Delivery Stage(s) Business Justification Case is in the PID 14. Agile Project under DSDM Atern Pre- Project Feasibility Foundations Increment(s) Strategic Outline Case could be in Terms of Reference ? Outline Business Case in Feasibility Assessment Final Business Case in Business & Management Foundations & Delivery Plan 15. Who uses Better Business Cases? UK Treasury Welsh Government NZ Government Emerging interest from World Bank 16. New Zealand Ministers of Finance wanted greater confidence in State investment decisions Infrastructure NZ developed a NZ-concise version of BBC, incorporating two elements of Victorian Treasury ILM NZ Cabinet has endorsed BBC for use in the State Sector; CERA endorsed BBC for Christchurch Recovery; NZTA endorsed BBC for National Land Transport Programme; Piloting application of BBC to socio-economic programmes. 17. New Zealand NZ Treasury developed and deliver training across New Zealand In the last 12 months: ~600 through BBC Foundation and ~300 through BBC Practitioner Course Emerging demand for training from Tier 2/3 consulting firms, Tertiary Education sector, Health Sector, Government Departments, Local Authorities and State Owned Enterprises 18. NZ National Evaluation of BBC - 1 Key findings: Overwhelming agreement that BBC has had a positive impact on the quality of business case thinking and that it is generally fit for purpose; The process is most effective when applied by experienced and knowledgeable people; Organisations wanted help to develop internal capability and expertise; A range of mechanisms should be considered, not just training, to help organisations address the wider capability gaps that have been identified; Address State Sector Reviewer capability. 19. NZ National Evaluation of BBC - 2 Objectives set for 2013/14: Continue the delivery and ongoing improvement of current BBC guidance (plus case studies) and training (plus communities of practice); Significantly improve the capability (skills, experience, and practice) of priority Public Sector Organisations to produce fit for purpose business cases; Provide expert advice to support the development of a competent and professional BBC Reviewer capability and capacity within the State sector. Developments: Support for expert Practitioners and Reviewers; For the internal adoption/adaptation of BBC within a Public Sector Organisation, development of some organisational characteristics with a maturity model. 20. Ownership Better Business Cases is: - Owned by HM Treasury and the Welsh Government; - Coordinated globally by the International BBC Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from HM Treasury, the Welsh Government, the World Bank and NZ Treasury; - Coordinated in NZ and Pacific Islands countries by the NZ BBC Steering Committee; - APMG is the global accreditation and examination authority. 21. Certification Content - BBC standard - Country versions with up to 15% variance Foundation - 40 minutes exam - 50 multiple choice questions - Pass mark is 25 (50%) - Closed book exam Practitioner - Currently under consideration. 22. Summary BBC provides a structured thinking process: Strategic, disciplined, staged Five Cases Model, progressive elaboration Competent facilitation Enable organisations to meet a flexible standard, rather than force compliance to an inflexible process Competent practitioners to support Business Case development and review 23. Upcoming Australasia events Wednesday 18 September @ midday AEST (Canberra Australia) Webinar | P3M3 assessment choices - APMG Registered Consultant led assessment or Self-Assessment but which one is right for your organisation, and when? Presented by Lawrie Kirk & Warren Jolly Wednesday 2 October @ midday AEST Webinar | Managing Benefits Optimizing Return on Investments Presented by Stephen Jenner & Philip Reid Friday 15 November Showcase Event | APMG-International Australasia Showcase @ Melbourne Conference & Exhibition Centre 24. apmg-international @MCroxfordAPMG @APMG-Inter


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