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<ul><li><p>LAUSD Central Choral Library: Elementary Choral Music</p><p>Updated 3 -19-08</p><p>123456789</p><p>10111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637</p><p>A B CTITLE COMPOSER / ARRANGER VOICINGAardvarks on the Ark Val Marsh, Mary SAAfrican Noel (Liberian Folk Song) Lewis, Aden G. SAAhrirang (Korean Folk Song) Printz, Brad SA or SSA + perc.All the Pretty Little Horses (Appalachian Folk Song) Artman, Ruth SAAmerica - Our heritage Steele, Helen / Hawley Ades SABright Star Ehret, Walter SACameroon Masuka, Dorothy / Michael Scott SA + perc.Chariot's Comin'! (Swing Low, Sweet Chariot) Besig, Don and Nancy Price SACherry Flower, The (Sakura) Graham, Robert SAChristmas Carol Cheer (We Wish You a Merry Christmas/Pat-a Pan/O Tannenbaum/Deck the Halls/Jingle Bells)Grier, Gene and Lowell Everson SAChristmas Gentle Bourque, Richard SAChristmas Is Love Sahler, Emily SACindy (American Folk Song) Barthelson, Joyce SAClouds, The Gray, Cynthia SA + OrffCross the Wide Missouri (Shenandoah/The Water Is Wide) Besig, Don and Nancy Price SA + flDansi Na Kuimba (Dance and Sing - Swahili) Perry, Dave and Jean SADays of Hanukkah Milidantri, Mary Ann SADear Land of Home (Finlandia) Sibelius, Jean / Charles Manney SADodi Li (Israeli Song) Rao, Doreen SADown in Trinidad Krugman, L.D. &amp; Ludwig, A.J. / E. Schillo SA + fl, bass, perc.East Away O! Smith, C. Fox UnisonEdelweiss (from "The Sound of Music") Rodgers, Richard SAErie Canal, The DeCormier, Robert SA + perc.Ezekial Saw the Wheel Ehret, Walter SAFeast of Lights, A Silver, Frederick SAFeel Good Tyson, Craig L. &amp; Scott / Baker &amp; Elliott SSAFlying Free Besig, Don SAFreedom Land (I'm On My Way) Lewis, Aden G. SAGetting to Know You (from "The King and I") Rodgers, Richard SAGonna Rise Up Singin' Besig, Don SAGotta be Spring (for Speech Choir) Ludlow, Ben SA + perc.Hanukah Is Round the Bend Siegal, Donald SAHanukkah Fun Milidantri, Mary Ann SA + xylo, tambHappiness (from "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown") Gesner, Clark SAHava Nagila (Israeli Folk Song) Ehret, Walter SAHits for Two (La Bamba/Stand By Me/Hangin' Tough/Wind Beneath My Wings/The Doctor)Emerson, Roger SA Collection</p></li><li><p>LAUSD Central Choral Library: Elementary Choral Music</p><p>Updated 3 -19-08</p><p>38394041424344454647484950515253545556575859606162636465666768697071727374</p><p>A B CHoliday Blessing (partner song to Jingle Bells) Eilers, Joyce SSAInvitation, An (from Three Children's Songs # 3 Vaughan Williams, Ralph UnisonIt's a Glorious Day Angebranndt, Betsy Jo SAIt's Christmas Besig, Don SAIt's Ruff Being a Dog Wolfe, Phyllis / Marta Keen SAJingle Bells Pierpont, J. / Leonard Stone SAJust Three (Doh, Ray, and Me) Lewis, Aden G. SALa Musica (The Music) Althouse, Jay SALa Paloma se Fue (The Dove that Flew Away) Jimenez, Alejandro SA + perc.Life is Like a Cloud Krone, Beatrice P. SA + guitarLift Ev'ry Voice and Sing Johnson, James W. and J. Rosamond Johnson SAMerry Christmas to You Spevacek, Linda SA + flMichael Finnigin Douglas, Wayne SAMichael, Row the Boat Gardner, Maurice SA Morning Glory, The Schubert / Havelock Nelson SAMusic Fact Rap, The (Speaking Chorus) Feldstein, Sandy SANew Year Carol, A Britten, Benjamin UnisonOl' Dan Tucker Emmett, Daniel / Meegan Bernstein SAOnce Upon a Starry Night Grier, Gene SAOne Small Voice Moss, Jeff / Roger Emerson SAOne Song Snyder, Audrey SA or UnisonPast Three O'Clock Shimmin, Sydney SAPatriotic Festival, A (Yankee Doodle/America/America the Beautiful/Battle Hymn of the Republic)Williams, Mark SAPay Me My Money Down Hairston, Jester SAPraise Ye the Lord of Hosts Saint-Saens, Camille / Edward B. Jurey SAPrayer of the Norwegian Child (Sacred) Kountz, Richard SAQuickly Run the Shepherds (Venezuelan Carol) Richard, John SA + perc.Reach Out! Gray, Cynthia SA Rise Up! Donnelly, Mary and George L. O. Strid SARun, Run, Reindeer Althouse, Jay SASansa Kroma (African Folk Song) Scott, Michael SA + perc.Season to Sing, The (The Season to Sing/New Year Carol/Chanukah Light)Tsuruoka, Linda SA or UnisonShalom (A Hanukkah Greeting) Milidantri, Mary Ann SA + tambSilent Night, Holy Night Gruber, Franz / John Kinyon SA + bellsSimple Gifts (Shaker Song) Copland, Aaron / Irving Fine SASimple Song Silver, Frederick UnisonSinging a Happy Song Rand, Harry and Henry Jerome / Hawley Ades SA + piccolo or fl</p></li><li><p>LAUSD Central Choral Library: Elementary Choral Music</p><p>Updated 3 -19-08</p><p>7576777879808182838485868788899091929394</p><p>A B CSomething to Sing About Silver, Frederick SASound of Music, The (Do-Re-Mi/The Sound of Music/My Favorite Things/Climb Ev'ry Mountain)Rodgers, Richard SASpeaking of Music (Speaking Chorus) Ayers, Mary Jane SASpin, Little Dreidel Emig, Lois Myers SASpin, Spin, Spin Gallina, Michael and Jill SASpring Comes Laughing/Come Let Us to the Bagpipe's Sound (from "The Peasant Cantata")Bach SA and UnisonStep Into the Sunshine Gassman, Clark / Hawley Ades SASunday (Uhland Folk Song) Brahms, Johannes / Robert W. Gibb SAThat's the Recipe for Christmas Thygerson, Robert W. SAThis Land Is Your Land Guthrie, Woody / Aden Lewis and Jack Platt SAThis Ol' Man Gilpin, Greg SAThree Children's Songs # 3 - An Invitation Vaughan Williams, Ralph UnisonThree Love Songs (Like the Sunset's Crimson Splendor/Bird in Air Will Stray Afar/Seat Thyself, My Dearest HeartBrahms, Johannes / H. Clough-Leighter SAThree Spanish Carols (Shepherds Come Before Him/Three Kings/Fum! Fum! Fum!)Davies, Laurence H. UnisonTwo Horas for Hanukkah (Holiday Memories/Dance the Hora) Pellerin, Jeanne M. SAVelvet Shoes Thompson Randall SAWater Is Wide, The Zaninelli, Luigi SAWhen I Am A-Roaming (Irish Air) Tate, Phyllis SAWhen Love Is Kind (English Folk Song) Frackenpohl, Arthur SAWith Voices and Bells: Christmas Carols from Europe (Song of the Ship/Rejoice He Is Born/Glad Tidings/Put Out My Shoe/Song of the Manger/Song of the Kings/Joy! Joy!/Many Years Ago)Edwards, Arthur C. SA + bells</p></li><li><p>LAUSD Central Choral Library: Elementary Choral Music</p><p>Updated 3 -19-08</p><p>123456789</p><p>10111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637</p><p>D E FSEASON COPIES PUBLISHER NO.Spiritual 273 Alfred 6891Holiday 15 Plymouth Music PCS-501World 0 Heritage 15/1534HFolk Song 93 Studio PR V-7932Patriotic 71 Shawnee E-20Holiday 137 Marks Music 4407World 89 Belwin SV9533Spiritual 22 Alfred 4751World 67 Broadman press 4560-22Holiday 10 Heritage H5829Holiday 57 Shawnee E-289Holiday 42 Heritage H5718Folk Song 80 Belwin 1746General 67 Heritage HV114Folk Song 47 Alfred 4755World 7 Alfred 16206Holiday 117 Kendor Music 4340General 49 Belwin 64031World 31 Boosey &amp; Hawkes 48004441World 148 Theodore Presser 312-40498General 335 Novello S.S. 2056General 181 Williamson Music 266Folk Song 83 Lawson-Gould 52073Spiritual 10 Marks Music 4068Holiday 31 McAfee DMC 8009Jazz 43 Boosey &amp; Hawkes M-051-46711-2General 114 Shawnee E-239Folk Song 335 Plymouth PCS-534General 42 Williamson Music 103General 0 Shawnee E-222General 18 Shawnee A 1214Holiday 25 McAfee DMC 8033Holiday 140 Kendor Music 4341General 23 Plymouth 401World 22 Frank Music F-2034Pop 19 Jenson 40225040</p></li><li><p>LAUSD Central Choral Library: Elementary Choral Music</p><p>Updated 3 -19-08</p><p>38394041424344454647484950515253545556575859606162636465666768697071727374</p><p>D E FHoliday 45 Carl Fischer CM7779General 384 Oxford 1033General 260 Shawnee E-211Holiday 18 Alfred 7391General 80 Heritage H5836Holiday 45 Belwin 2108General 177 Plymouth PCS-540World 5 Alfred 21825World 60 World Music press VTS#11World 51 Kjos 1260General 47 Marks Music MC 4472Holiday 22 Hal Leonard 08720500Folk Song 85 Belwin PRO CH 2906Folk Song 112 The Staff Music 474General 101 Oxford OM41General 12 Alfred 4077General 60 Boosey &amp; Hawkes OCUB5615Folk Song 4 Fischer CM8678Holiday 35 Heritage H5727General 24 Hal Leonard 08711231General 48 Studio PR SV9001General 58 Oxford D.33Patriotic 16 Alfred 4349Folk Song 155 Hal Leonard 08601003General 143 Mills Music 2048General 26 G. Schirmer 8289Holiday 53 Belwin 2252General 243 Heritage HV115General 48 Belwin SVM030456Holiday 76 Hal Leonard 08564014World 5 Studio PR SVM00090Holiday 41 Belwin 2410Holiday 73 Kendor Music 4339Holiday 5 Alfred 6814Folk Song 407 Boosey &amp; Hawkes 1903General 129 Genesis III Music SM 132General 138 Shawnee E-162</p></li><li><p>LAUSD Central Choral Library: Elementary Choral Music</p><p>Updated 3 -19-08</p><p>7576777879808182838485868788899091929394</p><p>D E FGeneral 81 McAfee Music (Belwin) DMC 8010General 50 Williamson Music W400015-351General 365 Alfred 7726Holiday 29 Shawnee E-112Holiday 39 Wide World Music General 90 Carl Fischer 1544General 26 Shawnee EA-4General 246 Belwin 1809Holiday 54 Heritage H5733Folk Song 3 Ludlow Music Folk Song 27 Shawnee E 0382General 384 Oxford 1033General 164 E.C. Schirmer 1055Holiday 38 G. Schirmer 11125Holiday 46 Kendor Music 4325General 233 E.C. Schirmer 2526Folk Song 2 Shawnee E-83Folk Song 397 Oxford T51Folk Song 21 Kendor Music 4397Holiday 642 Mills Music 2051</p></li></ul>