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Ute Indians. These are Ute Indians getting ready to fight in a war. Lauren L, Lauren W, Patrick. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • These are Ute Indians getting ready to fight in a war.

  • As soon as the Morning Sun rose out of the dark sky, the Ute Indians traveled to their horses so they could hunt for fat and juicy buffalo. After they have a big fiesta and celebrate they also gave thanks for the buffalos great sacrifice. In the morning they would start making clothing, food, and additional items. Even if the Ute Indians had no money, they still survived because of their skills and experience on the Colorado plains.

    To use a bow and arrow, you pull back the string and release, making the arrow fly to its destination.This is how a Ute warrior would dress everyday.

  • The Ute's told many legends. One of the legends was called Coyote Steals The Blanket and the Ute's legends were very funny. They were retold in books. There are many different legends. One of them, The Buffalo Hunting Porcupine, was a book that tells that the Utes were not likely to kill a lot of people. The Sky People tells that the Utes lived on cliff dwellings and teaches about how the Mexicans and the Utes spoke the same language. Legend Of The Sleeping Ute Mountain describes the many different warrior gods.Their were many legends and one of them was called the hunting porcupine.Their were many Ute legends and one of them was called coyote steals the blanket.Lauren L #20

  • feather on this arrow is from a bird that the Ute's attached to the bow and arrow. Ute Indians would kill wolfs or coyote and use their fur to disguise themselves as that animal and would sneak up on the grazing buffalo.The Ute Indians used the animal that they killed for tools and weapons. Two of the weapons that the Ute would use was a bow and arrow and a horn bow. The Ute's used the horns for spoons and the tail for fly swatters, the hide for water jugs, baskets, rugs and blankets, the horns for weapons spears and knives, the hooves as scrapers to scrape the buffalo hides and buffalo hair was used as ropes and strings.Lauren L #20

  • Most of the Indian Tribes lived in tipis, but the Ute Indians lived in a bark-covered hut called a wickiup. They usually only stored their food in their wickiups, but sometimes they would use them as shelter if there was rain. A wickiup looked like a tipi, but was made of wood and was much harder to move around on the plains. Later on, they changed their homes to tipis because the tipis are much easier to move around. They didnt make any changes in the winter or the summer except that they built fires in the middle of their wickiup during the winter. Ute Indians also used caves as shelter and homes. If a Ute lived in a cave, they would usually store their food and belongings inside. Instead of tipis, the Ute lived in wood-made huts called wickiups.

    Some Ute Indians lived in caves like this.

    Patrick #14

  • The traditions told who or what the Ute people were. The Ute's were initially hostile people that have slowly learned to treat people the right way. When they finally learned they started to share their food. Later they slept in groups for their own safety and to improve relationships. The elders were always treated with respect because they were wise. If an Indian ever treated the elders rudely then that person would be punished. It would be a bad punishment. They also honored the great spirit. When they had a celebration they would thank the animal for the sacrifice. Sometimes they would hunt other animals instead of buffalo. It would take a whole day for only one costume to be finished.These were the costumes that the Utes would were for a tradition.Lauren W #26

  • The Ute's had many games they played and loved. The Ute's tribe most popular game was playing with the dice because it was a rectangle piece, that had both sides marked and painted. Shinny was another of Ute's popular games. They had 25 people with curved sticks and one ball. They tried to make it in a goal on the other side. One last game that the men enjoyed was throwing darts. If they hit a hoop they won. Whenever the boys missed the girls would laugh. The girls played with toys like dolls. The boys became better hunters by practicing to shoot a bow arrow. The older girls would just help around with the elders and the rest of the tribe. The kids in the picture are trying to invent a game.Kids especially loved to play the fun game Shinny.Lauren W #26

  • Like many other Indian tribes, the Ute made their clothing out of the animals they killed, like jackrabbits, deer, buffalo and minks. The men wore breech cloths and buckskin shirts while the women wore long deerskin dresses. Sometimes, they wore buckskin moccasins instead, but that is when they didn't have anything else. They put on extra clothing in the winter and put on lighter clothes during the summer. Some of the elders robes would be painted with symbols or markings to make them look nicer. For celebrations, they would put on buffalo skins or buffalo hats and do special dances to show their appreciation to the Buffalo Spirit. Every warrior was painted differently to show they were unique.Chiefs would usually dress- up in these clothes when he went to war.

    For parties, each performer dressed differently to show they were unique. Patrick #14

  • With bows and arrows, the Ute Indians hunted on horseback to get food by killing buffalo. When the Ute hunted, they never killed more than they could eat. They also grew crops and hunted elk, deer, whitetail sheep, mule deer, antelope, mountain sheep, jackrabbits, cottontail rabbits, buffalo, and many other mammals. the Ute also fished in rivers and lakes. They also ate roots, pine nuts, seeds and fruits which they found on the plains. Usually, the men hunted and brought the food back to the tribe. Then, the women cooked and prepared the food for upcoming meals. If they had extras, they would store it in one of the Indians tipis. To kill their prey, the Ute used bows and arrows or spears.

    When the women of the tribe dried the meat, it turned into a food called pemican.

    Patrick #14

  • The Ute Indians had many relationships with other tribes including the Paiutes, the Shoshone, and the Comanche. Ute which means land of the sun, also gave Utah its name. The Ute tribe speaks a language called Uto-Aztecan, which is also spoken by the Paiute, Shoshone, and the Comanche Indians. The Ute didnt get along very well with the white men, and in the 1800s, there was a huge war between the white men and the Indians and many Indians died. Usually, the only time the Ute would meet up with other tribes is when they were trading or at war. The only other Indian tribes near the Ute were the Navajo, Comanche, and Pueblo tribes. Whenever the Indians, trappers, and traders meet up to trade, it was called a Rendezvous.

    When a person hunted animals for their skins, they were called trappers.

    Patrick #14

  • To sum it up, the Ute were an important part of the Plains Indian tribes that would sometimes meet each other when they traveled. What other tribe would the reader like to also study about, Pawnee, Navajo, Crow, and Arapaho ? The Anasazi is the tribe that lives in Mesa Verde will the reader learn about them? When knowing different tribes its always better because then the researcher has more information. These are the clothes that a Crow Indian would wear. This old woman is a wise one from the Arapaho

  • Bibliography Doherty, Craig A., and Katherine M. Doherty. The Ute. Florida, FL: Rourke Inc., 1994. Print. Freedman, Russell. Buffalo Hunt. New York, NY: Scholastic Inc., 1988. Print. The Ute Webliography



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