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Investing in Our Community. 2007 Community Giving Campaign Intel Retirees . Laura Bain, OR Renee Levin, AZ. Purpose . Provide information to individuals on Intels Community Giving Campaign and how retirees can help improve lives in our community. Review campaign Highlights from 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>United Way Campaign 2005!</p> <p>Laura Bain, ORRenee Levin, AZ</p> <p>2007 Community Giving CampaignIntel Retirees </p> <p>Investing in Our CommunityIntel Confidential##Intel ConfidentialPurpose Review campaign Highlights from 2006Provide updates for the 2007 CampaignExplain the pledging processShow how to double the impact of the charitable contributions you may already be makingProvide information to individuals on Intels Community Giving Campaign and how retirees can help improve lives in our community.</p> <p>#Intel ConfidentialWhy Participate??? </p> <p>Intel believes in being an asset to the communities where our employees &amp; retirees work and live.More than 38 million Americans have incomes below the federal poverty level. More than 50% are employed.The poorest children enter kindergarten 1-2 years behind in language and other skills important to success.By the age of five, many children in high-risk environments are already developmentally behind. This gap only grows over time undermining school readiness and success in life.Research shows that investing $1 in quality early learning experiences saves $17 down the road, with tangible results measured in lower crime, fewer single parents, and higher individual earnings and education levels.#Intel ConfidentialWhy United Way?Each local United Way has a local, volunteer Board of Directors that provides direction &amp; oversight to the organization. Some UWs have Intel employees on their boardEach local board sets administrative costNationally, the acceptable administrative cost for a non-profit is ~30%. The majority of UWs administrative costs are less than 15%.You may want to check with your United Way to get specific dataCommunity investment (funding to agencies) decisions are made by community volunteers.Some UWs have Intel employees on the allocation panelsEach local United Way determines the needs in their community based on a community needs survey.</p> <p>#Intel Confidential2006 ResultsIntel Corporation resultsEmployee Gift = $9,043,820Matching Gift = $8,526,839Total = $17,570,659 (with Foundation Match)</p> <p>Retiree Campaign47 donors$407,089 (included in above)17 United WaysThank You!</p> <p>#Intel ConfidentialHow Your Gifts Help </p> <p>$1/wk provides: 2individuals with automobile fuel to help them find and transition into full time employment$2/wkprovides: one primary care medical visit for one individual$4/wkprovides: provides over 20 trips for an elderly person allowing them to go to a doctors appointment, church or to the grocery store $5/wkprovides: 50 hours of childcare while a parent participates in job training and search activities $10/wkprovides: classroom materials for 10-15 individuals in job skill training programs$20/wkprovides: an entire year of assessment, job readiness classes, job search and support, career placement and follow up for one person</p> <p>Dont give until it hurts give until it feels really good.#Intel ConfidentialHelp needed for 2007Every dollar counts! The x-site United Way Campaign team set a goal to reach $9 Million. With Intel Foundation match = $18 Million! 2007 Campaign:Oct 8 Nov 2Make your pledge via online pledging system or pledge card by Nov 2</p> <p>#Intel Confidential2007 Campaign Highlights</p> <p>Retirees can pledge online!Using eWay, the secure pledging system that captures all pledgesRetirees may use a paper pledge cardRetirees may give to any nonprofit organization*:Your gift amount will be matched by the Intel Foundation to your local United Ways community fund100% of your donation will go to the non-profit of your choice*Charitable organizations must be 501(c)3</p> <p>#Intel Confidential2007 Campaign ProcessRetirees will receive a letter from Intel Retirement Services ~ Oct. 8May access the online pledging tool starting Monday, Oct. 8Access tool via Intel Retiree website pledges will be processed by one United Way*United Way Central New Mexico (UWCNM) will process all 2007 pledgesDesignations will be paid to your agencies by UWCNMAcknowledgement will be sent from UWCNM</p> <p>* Several retirees gifts will be processed by local United Way#Intel Confidential</p> <p>Charitable Giving Options If you are already donating to a charity of choice, please consider donating through the Intels campaign such that the impact of your dollars is doubledEmployees may designate to:Any 501(c)3 agency including cultural, animal, environmental and houses of worshipIf you would like to give, but dont know how best to target your donation, please consider giving to your United Ways community fundIntel Foundations matching gift will cover all administrative fees100% paid amount of designated gifts will be paid to the agencyDonations can be made via stock, credit/debit card, or check</p> <p>#Intel Confidential10Employees can give any amount to any nonprofit organization that has a 501c3 status. This includes health &amp; human service organizations, nonprofits who do research for diseases, environmental organizations as well as houses of worship. Not all churches are 501c3, you will need to check with your organization.</p> <p>If you dont have a favorite charity, consider giving to Results That Matter (RTM). RTM provides funding for hundreds of programs that help individuals become self-sufficient, prepare children to enter school ready to learn, provide emergency assistance and more!</p> <p>If you have made a charitable contribution since 1996, you may be eligible for the Helping the Working Poor Tax Credit. By providing a donation to helping the working poor or to an agency that benefits the Working Poor, singles are eligible to receive a $200 Arizona State tax credit &amp; a married couple can receive up to $400. Consult your tax advisor for specifics.</p> <p>100% of your contribution will be paid to the agency/agencies you select. Any administrative fees are covered by the Intel matching dollars.Campaign hot topics Q/AQ: Does Intel push employees to donate?A: Our intention is to encourage employees to help their local communities. We hold meetings to educate them so they can make an informed decision. Q: I remember there was an incident a while ago regarding corruption. What was that about?A: In 1992, the national President of the United Way of America was found guilty of misconduct and sent to prison.AllUnited Way affiliates are subject to annual audits conducted by independent, national accounting firms.Since that time, all United Ways have agreed to national membership standards to avoid any incident from happening again.#Intel ConfidentialThanks!Thank you for your time and generosity during these challenging times. Your participation and contribution is greatly appreciated Sadly, our communities needs never go away so hopefully, together, we can all make a differencePlease join me in making a donation this year. Thank you.</p> <p>#Intel Confidential</p>