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5 Killer Mistakes When Launching a Mobile AppJoint webinar by & Zapporoo

Steve P. YoungIndie App DeveloperFounder @

Helped launch #2 paid app overall

Apple Feature

App Store Optimization

#1: Not Driving Organic Downloads

What is ASO?Better known as App Store SEO

Algorithm + User

Long term impact


ASO Strategies

Think about user not keywords

Focus on USP

Better to be #1 for low volume than #10 on high volume

Overlooked Components of ASO

1. Retention

2. Engaging App Icon


Icon change

3. Relevant Keywords as In-App Purchases

4. App Store Reviews

5. Localization

Localization StrategyStart with your app name and keywordsOnce you see downloads then move on to screenshots & descriptionContent within the appNinja tip: Hire two translators - one to do the initial translation and another to proof it.

#2: Relying on PR for Downloads

PRUADownloads hard to predict.Easier to predict based on budget.Builds trust.Builds exposure.This is important.Downloads this.

Essential Tools for PR

1. Email Hunter

2. Rapportive

3. PressFriendly

4. BananaTag


HAROwww.helpareporter.comReporters are looking for sourcesUsed it for podcasts interviews, Fast Company and major publications

Things You Must KNOW About App PR

Tuesday & Wednesday are best days to launch

Have a video

Tell a good story

Piggyback off someoneIf Flappy Bird was an astronaut

Farmville meets Candy Crush

Snapchat meets Yik Yak

Use Social Proof

Use promo codes for early access

#3: App Store Features Failures

What you should know...

1. Reach out when Testflight version is ready

2. Use general email (


3. Include App ID, Video and Graphics

#4: Not Leveraging Product Hunt

Things you must know...Have a personal Twitter account.

Good to have combination of votes, comments, and shares.

NEVER publicly ask for votes.

How Product Hunt Works...Need to sign up with Twitter and FacebookEVERYONE can upvoteNeed to be approved to comment & submitQuickest way to do that is to become a Maker

How to Pitch a Moderator(And The Things to Include to Make Their Job Easier)

Why a moderator?

How to Pitch a ModeratorFind the right moderatorPersonalize the pitchProvide the followingApp NameTaglineLinks (video, app store links)Launch dateMaker username

Use it for more PRESS!

#5: Forgetting about influencer marketing

What is Influencer Marketing?

Helped launch #2 paid app overall

TheBluMarket.comGot it to #1 US Free App

#1: Not Driving Organic Downloads #2: Relying on PR for Downloads #3: App Store Features Failures #4: Not Leveraging Product Hunt #5: Forgetting about influencer marketing

Sum it up...

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