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<ol><li> 1. LATIN AMERICAN MUSIC<br />BY<br />BRANDI KOBSEFF<br /></li><li> 2. Table of Contents<br />Introduction<br />Latin American Music<br />Latin American Artists<br />Award History<br />AwardVoting Process<br /> Grammys 2011<br /> Grammys 2010<br />Hall of Fame<br /></li><li> 3. Table of Contents<br />Status Improvement<br />Latin Music types cut from Grammys<br />The Future<br />Bibilography<br /></li><li> 4. Introduction<br />The Latin American music community is growing. <br />Since 2000 it has its own Grammy Award Ceremony.<br />It brings in over 18 genres and pulls the Latin and American community together.<br /></li><li> 5. Introduction<br />There are a variety of different geners in Latin music<br />I have included some popular artists that were included in the Latin Grammys for 2010 and past years.<br />Please enjoy some of the music samples.<br /></li><li> 6. Latin American Music<br />More than just a mariachi band.<br />Different styles, tastes, genres<br />Recorded in both English and Spanish<br />Uniting the English and Spanish community <br /></li><li> 7. Latin American Music<br />Artist come from all walks of life.<br />They do not need to be Latin born to sign Latin music.<br />Most are American born.<br />Nelly Furtado is Canadian born.<br />Most artists are known worldwide.<br />This is an increasingly large group of music.<br /></li><li> 8. Artist Nelly Furtado<br />Mi plan<br />Nelly Furtado {Universal Music Latino}<br /><br />Nelly Kim Furtadoborn December 2, 1978 is a Portuguese-Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer and actress.<br />She has sold 20million albums worldwide and 18million singles.<br /></li></ol>