latin america. what is latin america? reaches from the rio grande to cape horn. mexico, central...

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Latin America

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  • Latin America

  • What IS Latin America?Reaches from the Rio Grande to Cape Horn.Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean islands and South America

  • Latin AmericaFor more than 300 years most countries of L.A. were colonies of Spain and PortugalThe term Latin refers to the Spanish and Portuguese languagesIt also refers to the cultural heritage that Spain and Portugal established in America

  • LocationLies between Atlantic and Pacific oceans. These oceans link LA to other parts of the worldMovement of ideas/religion/goods

  • Latin and then someThe cultural heritage of Africa is also a part of Latin culture.

  • Land and PeopleMore than 20 nations and many landforms, environments and peoples. Some land rich in resources-others have very few. Therefore-some places densely populated and others empty of human life.Extreme poverty

  • Landforms

    Include the second highest range of mountains in the world, as well as huge lowland.Andes Mountains and the Amazon Basin

  • Great RiversCentral America lacks rivers large enough for shipsSouth America has three major river systemsAmazon-Peru-BrazilOrinoco-VenezuelaRio de la Plata-Uruguay-Argentina

  • Climate and EcosystemsMore than 1/2 the continent lies between the tropics-therefore the sun is directly overhead for much of the year. This makes it hot everywhere except mountainsMountains create their own climates-elevation and distance from the equator.

  • Three important early civilizationsThe Mayas Yucatan Peninsula & Guatemalan lowlandsAztecs in central MexicoIncas in the Andes Mountains (present day Peru)

  • Latin America is carved upPortugal took over BrazilThe Spanish conquered Central America and the western coast of South America France, England and the Netherlands claimed certain islands in the Caribbean.

  • Economic DevelopmentMexico-Farming and ranching, tourism, exporting goods.The people mainly European and Native American background. Language? Religion?