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Latin America Latin America Mexico Mexico West Indies West Indies Central America Central America South America South America

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  • Latin AmericaMexicoWest IndiesCentral AmericaSouth America

  • Why are they called Latin America?Because the land was settled by Spain and PortugalTwo of the Latin nations in EuropeLatin America is a region of contrasts, where old, new, primitive, and modern exist side by sideExplorers report that some are almost totally unaware of the world that exists outside their jungle homes

  • Inhabitants of Latin AmericaHunters from Siberia who crossed the Bering StraitPeople from south sea islands came over on canoesPossibly people from Africa

    The Central and South American tribes were more numerous and more civilized than the North American tribes

  • Latin America Map

  • The Indians established three great empiresMayas



  • Mayan Empire

  • MayasSometimes referred to as MesoamericaDivided into three time periodsFormative (1200 BC to 100 AD)Classic (100 AD to 900)*****Post-Classic (900 to the time of the Spanish Conquest 1518)

    Maya culture survived until after the Spanish Conquest 4 million still speak its languages today

  • About the MayasShortly after the birth of Christ the gifted Mayas were living in the region that now comprisesBritish HondurasYucatan Peninsula of MexicoGuatemala

    Civilization may have been advanced as that of Ancient Egypt

  • Maya SocietyThree cities were dominantTikalCopanPalenque

    Not much is known of the Maya culture because of Catholic Missionaries

  • Maya SocietyStrong central government based on hereditary aristocracyThe rulers were considered divine or descended from godsThey had to perform certain rituals for the crops to grow and other good things to happenThey believed in 9 layers of the underworld, the earth, and 3 levels of heaven

  • Maya Society2 Calendars260 and 365 dayCopied from the Olmecs

    Mayans were not a peaceful peopleThey waged war often for:Usual objectivesHuman Sacrifice

  • Maya SocietyTikal- The greatest classic Maya centerBuilt a great ditch and wall 3 to 5 miles from the cities centerPopulation of about 100,000

  • Collapse of the MayasInvadersEconomic ProblemsFood Distribution and tradeNew Leaders- Could not adapt to new waysPeasant Revolts (Final straw)People abandon the cities: Merged with the Toltec's (Yucatan)