latin america chapter 28. latin america the landmass that stretches southward from the rio grande to...

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Latin America Chapter 28

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  • Latin America Chapter 28
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  • Latin America The landmass that stretches southward from the Rio Grande to the tip of South America is known as Latin America.
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  • RIO GRANDE River 4 th or 5 th largest river in North America Serves as a border between North America and Mexico
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  • Latin America Called Latin America because the official language of most of the countries is either Spanish or Portuguese of which are based on Latin.
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  • Latin America Latin American was first explored and settled by the Spanish. Dense, tropical rain forests; snow-capped mountains.
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  • Latin America Large, modern cities may not be far away from wild jungles.
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  • Food Customs Reflect the culture, climate, and geography of each country: Mexico- reflects ancient Aztecs and Spanish conquistadores. Peru- reflects ancient Inca civilization.
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  • Food Customs Argentina- reflects European influences and Native foods grown in the rich soils. Brazil- reflects strong African and Portuguese heritage.
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  • Cuisine in Latin America Healthy for the most part. Large amounts of fruits and vegetables along with daily portions of grains and beans.
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  • Cuisine in Latin America In many regions meat and poultry are costly People use them in limited amounts. Argentina and Uruguay eat over twice as much beef each year as people in the U.S.
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  • Cuisine in Latin America A health concern in the Latin American cuisine is the frequent use of animal fats in cooking. Also in some regions is the popularity of pickled, smoked and salted foods.