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Introducing Wax Works, the Completely Bare at home professional waxing kit.


  • 1. How Wax Addict WorksGet A Leg Up Laser Hair Removal New York1

2. INSTRUCTIONS ON WAXING YOUR LEGSStep OneHeat Things UpPlace the Completely Bare Ouch-Less Wax in the wax heater and turn the temperature knob to amedium setting until the wax softens. This should take approximately twenty minutes.The wax should have a honey-like consistency before using.Laser Hair Removal New York 2 3. Step TwoPut It To The TestBefore you begin to wax, test the temperature of the wax. Dip the tip of a spatula into the wax, thenpull out while scraping wax off one side of spatula. Apply a dab onto the inside of your wrist; continueto test the wax until it reaches a comfortable spreading temperature.To remove test wax, cover the area with a wax strip (pellon paper), pat down and pull. Applycompletely off cotton ball to clean area. Laser Hair Removal New York 3 4. Step ThreeGet Completely CleanCleanse the area to be waxed using Completely Prepped. Apply a small amount onto a piece ofcotton and gently swipe the area, removing residual surface oils. Laser Hair Removal New York4 5. Step FourSize MattersLeg hair should be a to inch in length and no longer than of an inch. Laser Hair Removal New York5 6. Step FiveBaby Your SkinSprinkle a light application of baby powder onto the area to be waxed. This will absorb any moisture.Dust off any excess powder. Laser Hair Removal New York6 7. Step SixWax OnDip the spatula into the wax off one side of spatula. Then spread on a very thin even layer of wax inthe same direction of hair growth.(this allows the was to adhere to hair follicles to ensure a smoother result) Laser Hair Removal New York7 8. Beginner should start with wax surface area approximately 3 x 5 inches. Laser Hair Removal New York8 9. Step SevenWax OnCover the freshly applied wax with wax strip, and press the strip down firmly on the skin usingstrokes in the same direction of the wax application. Leave the strip on for a few seconds to set. Laser Hair Removal New York 9 10. Step EightWax OffPull skin taut with one hand and with the other hand. QUICKLY pull the strip off in the OPPOSITEDIRECTION OF THE HAIR GROWTH.Stay close and parallel to the skin, like turning a page in a book. DO NOT lift the strip up in the air.Step NineCalm DownImmediately apply pressure to the waxed area to relieve sensitivity.Laser Hair Removal New York 10 11. Step TenWax MaxRepeat steps 3-9 until all unwanted hair is removed. You can go over waxed area a MAXIMUM oftwo times unless the skin is sensitive. Stray hairs can be tweezed. Laser Hair Removal New York 11 12. Step ElevenCompletely Hair FreeWhen waxing is completed, apply Completely Off to the waxed area to soothe the skin and removeany residual wax. Massage any left over solution in to the skin for hydration. Laser Hair Removal New York 12 13. Step Twelve Completely Perfect! If there are any additional waxing questions please go to the Laser Hair Removal NYC Website www.laserhairremovalnyc.comLaser Hair Removal New York 13 14. Waxing or shaving can cause ingrown hair. Also doing nothing sometimes causes ingrown hairs.Solution 1Completely Bare Bikini Bump Blaster (salicylic and glycolic pads) which minimizes and preventsingrown hairs.Solution 2Laser and IPL Permanent Hair Reduction eliminates ingrown hairs.Laser Hair Removal New York 14


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