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Company Profile

• Type- Public

• Industry- Conglomerate

• Founded- Mumbai, India(1938)

• Founder(s)- Henning Holck-Larsen

Soren Kristian Toubro

• Headquarters-Mumbai, India

• Area served- Worldwide

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• Current Chairman & MD - A M Naik

• Products- Power generation


Cement plants



• Services- Engineering Services

Turnkey Projects

IT Services


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• Manufacturing facilities in- 18 locations

• Offices in - 19 cities

• Management Development Centre – Lonavala

• Knowledge City –Vadodara

• Logistic Advantages - Ability to optimize

resources at various locations

A Nationwide Network

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1. The World's largest Tubular Reactor for a petrochemical plant

2. The world's largest Continuous Catalyst Reactor

3. The world's largest Fluid Catalytic Cracking Regenerator

4. The world's longest Product Splitter

5. The world's longest LPG pipeline

6. Asia's highest Viaduct

7. The first to offer electrical distribution products & systems engineered for tropical environments

8. India's first indigenous Hydrocracker Reactor

9. India's first open sea jetty

10. India's biggest Offshore Oil Platform

11. India's longest Coal Conveyor

12. India's widest range of Low Tension Electrical Switchgear


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• Easy tracking of metrics and KPIs enabling a data driven decision culture

• Faster time to market eliminating backlogs• Better and Flexible Reporting mechanism, cutting

down manual processing time• Predictive Management - Focused on strategic user

requirements• Comprehensive plan for alignment of reporting

needs with information systems

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BLOCKAGES TO KNOWLEDGE FLOW• Widespread application duplication because separate

applications for common functionality existed for different Lines of Business

• Replication of changes across applications with any change in regulatory compliances or reporting

• Applications could not be modified to address new business requirements

• Low flexibility because most of the existing monolithic applications were not accessible outside the client environment

• Business mergers had resulted in multiple claims systems, some on legacy mainframe and others on a client server platform

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KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT• Knowledge Management is an

art of creating value from an organization's intangible assets

• It involves an integrated approach to the creation, capture, retention, accessing, sharing and leveraging of an enterprise's information assets for business gain.

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• KM is one of the major Business Specific initiatives(BSI) undertaken in the E&C Division, meant to harness the knowledge and experience of its people.

• Integrating the vast resources of explicit knowledge and the tacit knowledge in the E&C Division- KnowNet

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Key Focus areas• Leverage the expertise of people across the

organization and transformation of Information into Knowledge

• Technology enhancement, knowledge sharing & growth

• Content Management• Engineering Drawing Management• Managing the proliferation of data and information

in complex Business environments and allowing employees rapidly to access useful and relevant knowledge resources and best practice guidelines

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L&T Knowledge City

L&T expects to generate project exports revenue of over Rs. 2000 crores within five years, and will provide employment to 4000 - 5000 technical professionals in next four to five years. 

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Creating an enterprise knowledge-driven culture

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In every sphere of L&T's operations, technology is the key enabler, reinforcing its leadership position, and sustaining its competitive strengths

While for some, technology is a means to an end, for L&T, technology represents endless possibilities.

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• An intranet mainly for capturing all relevant information related to foreign customers. Access to this is restricted to IBD and those dealing with foreign customers. MIDAS facilitates users to capture various information related to countries, prospective customers, competitors, projects, inquiries, lines of business, as well as various business events. It is a central repository of all related information that will help users track and understand their customers, competitors, rules and regulations in different countries, business opportunities, projects, packages and lines of business.

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• The objective of the Global Sourcing initiative is to facilitate most competitive sourcing of material (from proposal to receipt of material) meeting the technical and quality requirements by striking early, right at the proposal stage, deriving maximum benefit from knowledge and experience of in-house experts, widening the vendor base by exploring vendors from 'untapped' countries, providing access to right information at all stages (from proposal to receipt of material) by leveraging ERP package SAP R/3.

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Microsoft Share Point Server 2007

• Enables people to work together on documents, projects, and tasks and to leverage best practices by using the combined collaboration

• Index and search services, as well as newly introduced people services, allow you to increase efficiency by finding relevant people, teams, sites, and other information

• Provide content management features, implement business processes, and provide access to information that is essential to organizational goals and processes.

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LOTUS DOMINO.DOC• Reliable document management system

• Runs on an enterprise server

• Helps the various project teams to store their explicit knowledge documents including drawings, specifications, manuals and correspondence in a secured environment

• Helps users in the entire life cycle of the document right from creation to the archival of the document

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• KOL is an application developed in-house with the following prime objectives of: Minimizing efforts dissipated in re-learning (Learn once)

• Converting personal knowledge to organizational knowledge.

• Leveraging organizational knowledge in delivering business advantage to customer.

• The focus is on capturing all the key learning's for both projects as well proposals - those which (if implemented) will give positive results and those which will avoid negative results.

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• It is a medium that gives opportunity to the people of L&T to bring forth new ideas/ suggestions based on what they have observed elsewhere or read about in the areas of emerging technologies or just better ways of working.

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• A CoP is a team of people who are practitioners of a well-defined knowledge domain who come together to capture, create and share relevant knowledge, in pursuit of business excellence

• Provide a supportive environment that encourages collaborative knowledge development, capacity building, problem solving and innovation

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• Sametime is a Lotus application that allows people in L&T to hold meetings for giving online presentations, sharing and jointly editing online documents and send instant messages or chat.

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• Communication Facilities• Multi-point Video Conferencing System• Data Center facility• Database Server • Peripherals (Printers, Modems, Plotters &

Scanners)• Storage and Network Device

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• Vendor Management• Contracts management • Claims management • Risk Management • Technical journal papers • Sharing New / Innovative cost effective techniques • List of books• Reports of conferences, seminars, sessions • Notification regarding dates of important seminars in

future • BIS Thesis

Benefits Reaped

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2007 AWARD

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"It is our ability to anticipate the future and react accordingly that will determine our success".


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