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  • APPROVED September 4, 2007 Michigan State Administrative Board

    Lansing, Michigan August 21, 2007

    A regular meeting of the State Administrative Board was held in the Lake Superior Room, 1st Floor, Michigan Library and Historical Center, on Tuesday, August 21, 2007, at 11:00 a.m. Present: Kelly Keenan, Chief Legal Counsel, representing Jennifer M. Granholm,

    Governor, Chairperson Walt Herzig, Chief of Staff, representing John Cherry, Lt. Governor Patrick F. Isom, Assistant Attorney General, representing Michael A. Cox,

    Attorney General Tom Saxton, Deputy Treasurer, representing Robert J. Kleine, State

    Treasurer Joseph Pavona, Director, Bureau of Administrative Services, representing

    Terri Lynn Land, Secretary of State Leon Hank, Chief Administrative Officer, representing Kirk T. Steudle, Director,

    Department of Transportation Carol Wolenberg, Deputy Superintendent for Administration, representing

    Michael P. Flanagan, Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherry Bond, Secretary

    Others Present: Rhonda Oyer Zimmerman, Department of Environmental Quality; Joel Storchan,

    Department of Information Technology; James Burris, Elise Lancaster, Craig Orr, Janet Rouse, Department of Management and Budget; Deborah Savage, Michigan State Police; Pam Lavender, Department of Transportation; Scott Breslin, Public Affairs Associates


    Mr. Keenan called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. 2. READING OF MINUTES OF PRECEDING MEETING AND APPROVAL THEREOF:

    Mr. Pavona moved to approve the minutes of the regular meeting held on August 7, 2007. The motion was supported by Ms. Wolenberg and unanimously adopted.






    NONE 6. NEW BUSINESS: Retention and Disposal Schedules: DEPARTMENT OF ATTORNEY GENERAL, Labor, 8/21/07 DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY & VETERANS AFFAIRS, Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, Commandant’s Office, 8/21/2007 DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES, Forest, Mineral and Fire Management, 8/21/2007 SUPREME COURT, Attorney Discipline Board, 8/21/2007

    Mr. Hank moved that the Retention and Disposal Schedules be approved and adopted. The motion was supported by Mr. Saxton and unanimously approved.


    (Please see the following pages)

  • APPROVED August 21, 2007 Michigan State Administrative Board


    _______________________________________________________________________ The Honorable Jennifer M. Granholm, Governor

    and Members of the State Administrative Board A regular meeting of the Finance and Claims Committee was held at 11:00 a.m. on August 14, 2007 Those present being: Chairperson: Mary G. MacDowell, representing Approved ______________________ State Treasurer Kleine Member: Socorro Guerrero, representing Approved ______________________ Attorney General Cox

    Member: Kelly Keenan, representing Approved _____________________ Governor Granholm

    Others: Carol Menovske, Department of Environmental Quality; Diana

    Quintero, Department of Information Technology; Sherry Bond, Craig Orr, Janet Rouse, Department of Management and Budget; Rick Dolan, Department of Transportation

    _______________________________________________________________________ The Finance and Claims Committee regular and supplemental agendas were presented. Following discussion, Ms. Guerrero moved that the regular and supplemental agenda be recommended to the State Administrative Board for approval with Item 9(2) of the regular agenda contingent upon resolution of the protest by 5 p.m. on 8/20/07 and Item 15(1) of the regular agenda contingent upon correction of the bid tab. The motion was supported by Mr. Keenan and unanimously adopted. Ms. MacDowell adjourned the meeting. At the State Administrative Board meeting on August 21, 2007, Items 6(1) and 9(1) of the regular agenda were withdrawn by the Department of Management5 and Budget.

  • A G E N D A FINANCE AND CLAIMS COMMITTEE STATE ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD August 14, 2007, 11:00 a.m. August 21, 2007, 11:00 a.m. Lake Superior Room Lake Superior Room 1st Floor, Michigan Library 1st Floor, Michigan Library and Historical Center and Historical Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    This agenda is for general informational purposes only. At its discretion the Finance and Claims Committee may revise

    this agenda and may take up other issues at the meeting. SECTION I. AGENCY CONTRACTS Requests approval of the following: 1. DEPARTMENT OF ATTORNEY GENERAL 1) Law office of $ 25,000.00 Amendment Loretta Crum PLLC $ 49,900.00 New Total Laingsburg, MI FY07-08 100% Restricted

    To add funds for a one-year renewal option of the contract for Legal Services in the matter of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan vs Granholm, et al

    2. DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY HEALTH 1) Michigan Public Health $ 267,171.00 Amendment Institute $ 24,624,006.00 New Total Okemos, MI FY07 73.03% Federal 13.19% State GF 11.87% State Restricted 1.28% Fees and Other State 0.63% Local

    Additional funds for the grant to provide funding for various Community Health projects

  • 2

    3. DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS 1) Northwest Michigan Council $ 289,022.00 Amendment of Governments $ 1,539,012.00 New Total Traverse City, MI FY07 100% General Funds

    Additional funds for Michigan Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative Services for parolees

    2) left blank intentionally 4. DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY 1) Central Michigan University $ 34,252.00 Total Mt. Pleasant, MI FY07 100% Federal Funds

    Pass thru funds for Preparation of Manuals and Guidance Documents for Wetland Bio- Assessment in Michigan

    2) Mason Township $ 147,000.00 Total Twinning, MI FY07 100% State Restricted

    Scrap Tire Regulatory Fund Scrap Tire Cleanup Grant

    3) Houghton Keweenaw Soil and $ 808,713.65 Total Water Conservation District FY07-09 100% Federal Funds Hancock, MI To restore the stream channel

    flowing through two stamp sand deposits in the headwaters of the East Branch of the Eagle River and stabilize one stamp sand deposit in the headwaters of the Sleepy River

  • 3

    5. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND ECONOMIC GROWTH 1) Statewide Michigan Public 840.00 Total $ 1,163, Universities & Non-Profit FY07-08 100% Federal Funds Organizations Funding will be provided to the (Listing on file) Grantees for the implementation

    and operation of the GEAR-UP program which is designed to significantly increase the number of low-income students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education

    2) Statewide Workforce 8,208.00 Total $ 3,25 Development Boards FY07-08 100% Federal Funds (Listing on file) Funding will be provided to the

    Grantees for the No Worker Left Behind Program. This program will provide up to two years free tuition for participants at any community college, university, or other approved training provider in the State. The Grantees will assess the skills and interests of the individuals and they will receive a degree or other occupational certification in a high-demand occupation

    3) Ottawa County Board of $ 50,000.00 Total Commissioners FY07 100% Federal Funds (WIA) Holland, MI The Grantee will receive

    funding to provide retraining and other services to dislocated workers/program participants directly affected by plant closures/mass layoffs in the area (county) served by the Grantee

  • 5. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND ECONOMIC GROWTH continued 4) David Bowden $ 9,000.00 Amendment Kalamazoo, MI $ 31,500.00 New Total FY07 78% Federal Funds 22% State GF/GP Funds Additional funds for the

    contractor to provide Substitute Rehabilitation Teacher services for blind students at the Michigan Commission for the Blind Training Center in Kalamazoo, MI

    5) Berrien County Commissioner $ 150,000.00 Total for Berrien/Cass/Van Buren FY07-08 100% Federal Funds Office of Michigan Works! (WIA) The Grantee will be Benton Harbor, MI provided funding to serve as

    fiduciary and provide oversight and general management for the STRIVE program in the Benton Harbor area

    SECTION II. DMB CONTRACTS Requests approval of the following: NEW CONTRACTS 6. DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 1) Key Government Finance, Inc. $ 804,756.00 (3 years) Superior, CO FY07-10 100% Revolving Funds

    Finance for Lease with Option to Purchase Unisys Equipment


  • 6. DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY continued Various RE:START Vendors Short-term Staff Augmentation

    for information technology for various departments

    2) Analysts International $ 38,500.00 (3 years) Lansing, MI FY07-10 100% Federal Funds

    071I7200252 One Programmer/ Analyst to update the Depart


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