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  1. 1. UK Landscape of the Year AwardsAfter the winners of the annual United Kingdoms Landscape of the Year Awards wereannounced, BBC completed an article to detail the winners and how they captured their starphotographs. The overall winner of the competition was a photograph captured by MarkLittlejohn, entitled A Beginning and an End. The picture depicts a setting from the ScottishHighlands specifically, a locale in the Glencoe mountains.The photo was captured by coincidence, as Littlejohn had been forced to wander away fromhis chosen spot due to heavy rain. As a result, he found a stream from high up on GearrAonach the stream sloped deeply before disappearing at the base of the mountain. Due tothe continuing squalls of rain, the light became slightly more diffuse in addition, the sidewaysrain forced Littlejohn a quick handheld shot. Regardless, the picture came out remarkably,winning the top prize of the competition. Charlie Waite, the founder of the competition, saidthe picture managed to capture a fleeting moment of beauty for the occasionally threateningterrain that is the Scottish Highlands. Other winning shots for the overall title for thecompetition included a closeupof a lichencoveredrowan tree and cityscapes dominated bystriking buildings.The competition also included a category for novice photographers, entitled the YoungPhotographer of the Year. Sam Rielly, a seventeen year old teenager hailing from London,won the title, with a black and white image of his mother walking through the landscape ofAnglesey. The image was taken on a particularly wet and windy day on Parys Mountain, the
  2. 2. site of a former copper mine. His mother, who is the subject of the picture, was not aware itwas begin taken, at the time.The awards are also held in association with VisitBritain as a result, there is a specialcategory dedicated to a picture that will encourage tourists to choose the United Kingdom astheir destination. John Robinson took this category, for a shot of a sunset over theheatherstrewnYorkshire Moors.