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  • Landscape Photographylacks a human element and is intended to show different spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic.

  • You don't take a photograph, you make it. - Ansel Adams

  • Maximize your Depth of FieldEnsure that as much of your scene is in focus as possible.

  • Look for a Focal PointWithout one a landscape looks empty. Focal points can take many forms building/structure, striking tree, boulder or rock formation, silhouette etc. Think about where you place it. think rule of thirds.

  • ForegroundsThink carefully about the foreground of your shots and place points of interest in them this gives viewers a way into the image as well as creating a sense of depth in your shot.

  • LinesOne of the best ways to lead a viewers eye into a shot is to provide lines that lead them into an image. Lines give an image depth, scale and can be a point of interest by creating patterns in your shot.

  • Change your Point of ViewTake more time with your shots by finding a more interesting point of view. Find a different spot to shoot from wander down or off paths, look for new angles, get down on ground or find a higher up vantage point.

  • Consider the SkyIf the sky is filled with drama and interesting cloud formations and colors let it shine by placing the horizon low in your shot.

  • Golden HoursGreat shooting times are dawn and dusk golden light can create interesting patterns, dimensions, shadows and textures.

  • ReflectionsLandscapes reflected in water add a greater and more interesting dimension.

  • Get closenever forget thisDetail and close-up landscape photos can be amazing and show the textures from nature we often overlook.

  • Assignment:40 Images uploaded to your google drive. At least 5 of the ideas presented here should be obvious in your upload

    DUE:Thursday, October 22th

    Final 2 pics due Friday.


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