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Throughout this 7 pictures, the message I want to give is that our nature is beautiful, and our world is just amazing. For that reason, we should appreciate what we have.


  • Bruno Ivich 10C Landscapes Photo Album


    Throughout all this 7 images, I want to demonstrate than our planet Earth has certain landscapes, beauties, or even cities than are just marvelous and great. We should take care of these cities and mainly our nature. The message is that we should appreciate what we have because sometimes we do not realize how beautiful or important it is. The different techniques helped me to make my pictures better and change colors, backgrounds and clone parts of the photos. Besides including beauties, I also included important cities like Rome, London and New York, which are important places in the world.

  • PICTURE #1


    Techniques Used: Colors Balance colors Colorize Brightness, Contrast, Saturation Bibliography:


    Techniques used: Balance colors Colorize Contrast with tones of Red Selective Colorization Stamp Bibliography:

  • Picture #3 BEFORE AFTER

    Techniques used: Color balance Brightness Stamp Bibliography:

  • Picture # 4 BEFORE AFTER

    Techniques Used: Color Balance Colorize Brightness Hue Saturation Bibliography:

  • Picture # 5 BEFORE AFTER

    Techniques Used: Color Balance Saturation Smudge Contrast Bibliography:

  • Picture # 6 (Rome) Before After

    Techniques Used: Gray scale (Desaturate) Smudge Stamp Contrast Personal Picture in Rome

  • Picture #7

    Techniques Used: Blend Light Bibliographies: